Trecision was an Italian video game developer founded in 1991[1] by Pietro Montelatici, Fabrizio Lagorio and Edoardo Gervino.

Their first game was "Profezia" developed for Amiga and PC followed by a number of titles (incomplete list: Nightlong, In the Dead of Night, Elf Tales, Ark of Time, Zidane Football Generation, The Watchmaker) for different platforms (Amiga, PC, PlayStation 1 and 2, Mobile).

In March 2000 Trecision acquired fellow Italian game developer Pixelstorm Games and MotherBrain Entertainment becoming the largest game developer in Italy.[1][2]

Trecision was working on two games for Cryo Interactive when that company declared bankruptcy in 2002. Consequently Trecision filled for voluntary liquidation in mid 2003.[3]


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