Trident Games is an Australian video game development company formed in 2006. Concentrating on browser based online games, Trident Games launched its first title 'Dragon Tavern' in May 2008.[1] Currently in production is the first computer game installment of the planned Citadel Saga, 'Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky', a prose based online RPG.


Dragon Tavern

Launched in May 2008, Dragon Tavern is a humorous browser based fantasy RPG 'simulation'. Described as a 'casual' gaming experience, Dragon Tavern distils turn based adventure gaming down to its bare bones and has been compared to Progress Quest both for its simplistic gameplay and for its parody of traditional RPG settings.

Citadel Saga

(Not related to the 1985 platform game Citadel)

An original fantasy setting with a steampunk flavour, set at the start of an industrial revolution. With low fantasy and horror roots, the Citadel Saga has definite mature themes set alongside traditional adventure elements. The first chapter of the Citadel Saga is detailed in the upcoming prose based RPG Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky, which is still in development.


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