Trikalon is a small rock planet that was home to a centuries-old asari venture called the Tirii Supercollider. This massive particle accelerator encircled the entire planet at an orbital distance. When political sea change among the Asari Republics led to funding cuts, human scientists stepped in with the credits and labor to finish the project, renaming it the Susskind Supercollider. It came online just days before the Reapers invaded the galaxy.

When the Reapers entered the system, they dispatched a swarm of capital ships toward Trikalon, treating the supercollider as a greater threat than the asari naval fleet stationed at Sanves. They blasted it apart, sending debris hurtling to Trikalon's surface. Several ships carrying supercollider staff escaped before the Reapers hit.

Note: This planet can be scanned for the Asari Engineers War Asset.

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