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Triple Play 99 is a video game featuring rosters current from Jan. 15, 1998 and stats from the 1997 season. Seattle Mariners shortstop Alex Rodriguez is featured on the cover.

The game has all 30 Major League Baseball teams including the newly-added Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Triple Play 99 adds 3D hardware support, a career mode, a manager mode and a league-wide draft.

TP99 includes all of the real stadiums, including Bank One Ballpark and Tropicana Field, except for the Kingdome (Seattle Mariners) which doesn't exist anymore, and 3 secret stadiums within the game.

Injuries are also included in TP99. Players can accidentally collide when trying to catch the ball and will fall over. players may unexpectedly have an injury while playing as well, and the game will require that you bring in a substitute. Pitchers can also lose their stamina faster than normal, making things even tougher. The game does have a stamina meter, and also shows a count of how many pitches the pitcher has thrown, how many balls, strikes, hits, home runs allowed, and walks.Template:Baseball-videogame-stub

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