Trivial Pursuit: Unhinged is a video game based on the popular trivia board game of the same name. It was released in 2004 for Xbox and PlayStation 2 video game consoles and Personal Computers.

Game Modes

Classic Mode

This mode is played exactly like the original board game. Players take turns moving their pieces around the Trivial Pursuit board answering questions in six different categories to win one differently colored "pie piece" in each category. The first player to collect all six "pie pieces" and answer a randomly selected question in the game board's hub is the winner.


The titular Unhinged mode is a variation of Classic mode where players can bet on their opponents' game performance and certain spaces on the game board are given different properties including:

Teleport - gives a player the ability to move their playing piece anywhere on the board
50/50 - removed two incorrect answers from your four multiple choice answers
Rotate - spins the board and moves all players to new positions

Recycle - allows the player to swap their initial trivia question out for another if they do not feel they will get it right
Review scores
Publication Score
Team Xbox
<center>7.8 of 10
<center>GameSpot <center>4.7 of 10
<center>GameSpy <center>2 of 5
<center>IGN <center>7 of 10



This mode is a quick two-player mode in which each player starts at the bottom of a tower and chooses a question in one of two random categories, each correct answer brings the player up a tier of the tower. The first player to the top is declared the winner.

Categories/Celebrity Voice-overs

People & Places - Brooke Burke
Arts & Entertainment - Whoopi Goldberg
History - John Cleese
Science & Nature - Bill Nye "The Science Guy"
Sports & Leisure - Terry Bradshaw
Wild Card - John Ratzenberger

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