Troy Stone is a minor character from the game Freedom Fighters. He's never on the field fighting alongside his brother, but he's still a strong supporter of the resistance. Before the attack, he was actively against the Soviet aggression. At 30 years old, he's two years younger than his brother. His father was a model citizen, helping others as a rescue worker, and an Irish immigrant. His mother was a Native American school teacher.

Before the attack, he built custom cars at a local car club called "Brooklyn Rats". Otherwise, he's a plumber, working with his brother Christopher Stone.

When Chris becomes the leader of the Manhattan resistance, Troy leaves to start up new resistances in other places. This doesn't last long, as the Soviets track him down and capture him. When they find out who Troy's brother is, they force him to go on television and denounce the resistance, reveal their ordinary backgrounds, and ask his brother to stop fighting. Troy does all this, before suddenly denying everything and telling everyone to keep fighting. He is beaten down and the broadcast cuts out. Chris later finds out that he had been executed for his disobedience from their informant, Mr. Jones.

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