True Golf: Wicked 18 (known in Japan as Devil's Course) is a Super NES and 3DO golfing game that takes place on a very difficult fictitious golf course. The object is to guide the golf ball through nearly impossible obstacles as the player tries to score as low as possible in order to win the day. Using the caddy, it is possible to scan the situation before hitting the ball with an analyzer that is similar to RoboCop. The bunkers are extremely treacherous, there is lava as well as water hazards, and 'out of bounds' can be in the middle of the hole. The 'out of bounds' area could either be a platform game-style pit, an extended area of sand, or simply an unplayable rift. The game offers stroke play, match play, or tournament play.

There are also four caddies that help them. Each of them has his own personality and opinions about certain areas of each hole.

This is what one of the holes look like in the world's most difficult fictitious golf course.



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