From the game's manual:

You are Vetvel, one of seven acolytes on Kira, a moon of the planet Lamina. Lamina is populated by seven intelligent species who have spent most of their histories in strife. The tiny colony on Kira was founded as a political experiment to demonstrate the ability of suitablyinclined Laminans of different species to live in harmony, The experiment came too late; Lamina fought a limited nuclear war, shattering its civilization and leaving the colonists on Kira stranded. Under the leadership of a remarkable person named Siboot, the Kirans founded a new civilization based on the development of telepathic powers and a universal telepathic language called eeyal. From their position on Kira, they beamed radio messages to the home planet, proselytizing their philosophy/religion. Under this influence, Lamina successfully re-civilized itself, coming to accept Kira as the spiritual center of its civilization and the leader of Kira, called the Shepherd, as its spiritual leader.

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