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Tuntau is an enormous, low-density terrestrial planet, with a thick atmosphere of methane and helium. Despite being nearly 20 AU from Phoenix, the star's great heat and the insulating thickness of the atmosphere make the surface surprisingly temperate.

The crust is mainly composed of sodium and silicon dioxide with deposits of various light metals. While Tuntau is not habitable, the relative pleasantness of the surface conditions make it a popular location for small ships traveling through the Argos Rho cluster to land for drive discharge.

Mass Effect

Note: The Mako can land here. There are deposits of mercury and lithium here. There is a pirate base here for Wrex: Family Armor. One of Matriarch Dilinaga's writings can be found here. A crashed probe can also be salvaged here.
Facts about "Tuntau"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure3.12 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length69.7 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameTuntau +
ElementLocation + and Lore +
GamesMass Effect + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameTuntau +
NamePageTuntau +
NamesTuntau +
Orbital Distance19.01 AU +
Orbital Period63.8 Earth Years +
PageNameTuntau +
PageTypeElement +
Radius11,687 km +
Surface Gravity1.1 G +
Surface Temperature294.15 K (21 °C, 69.8 °F, 529.47 °R) +

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