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Turbo Duck is a single player arcade video game developed by independent software developer Strawdog Studios for the Apple iPhone and iPhod Touch. The game was officially announced in March 2009 [1] and released in April 2009 [2]


Players use the iPhone’s accelerometer and touch screen controls to guide a rubber duck around a bath/pool. Buoys/flags drop into the pool which the duck must collect in order to gain extra time while avoiding the toy boats, submarines, mines and other hazards which fill the pool. On some (early) levels the pool will be empty when the level starts and hazards will appear (E.G. toy boats drop into the pool) as the level progresses. Later levels will have hazards such as submarines or mines at the start. These may be in a fixed position or may move along a set path. The player must guide the duck around the obstacles by tilting the iPhone, in order to collect the flags. As the name of the game suggest the duck has a turbo feature (limited to three per game) which will increase speed when triggered.

Game features

20 Levels,
Interactive water,
Bobbing boats,
Submerging (and surfacing) submarines,
Exploding mines,
Enemy ducks,
Full 3D graphics,
Bonus bread,


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