Turn and Burn: No-Fly Zone (スーパードッグファイト?, "Super Dogfight") is a jet flight simulator from Absolute Entertainment for the Super NES, released in 1994.[2] This game is called Super Dogfight: F-14 Tomcat Air Combat Game in Japan.[2]


General gameplay

This game is entirely played in first-person perspective, inside the cockpit.[2] The player has on the beginning of every mission to launch from an aircraft carrier and has to land on it on the end of every mission as well. Although launching is easy, landing requires some skill, and the player may get frustrated if he crashes when landing, as he has to do the whole mission again.

While on air, the player will receive his objective, which consists of taking down enemy jets and/or enemy bases on small islands.[2] The player has three types of missiles and the machine gun to destroy the enemy jets.[2] Each missile differs on range, accuracy and speed. To destroy the enemy bases, the player can only use the machine gun.

The game has a certain amount of strategy, as on late missions, the fuel becomes a problem, as does the ammunition (except for the machine gun, which is limited, but to a very high amount, making it almost impossible to end it). It is possible to refuel the jet while on air, attaching to a bigger aircraft sent by the aircraft carrier, but to reload the missiles he has to land on the aircraft carrier, which is a risky task, so the player has to consider which enemies he is going to spend his missiles, as he receives an absolute maximum of six missiles per time, and in some missions, up to 17 enemy jets.


By pressing and hold "Y" button before the player takes off, he can access a fully configurated Tomcat's system menu. The player will also be able to change missiles, HUD options along with other changeable features of the aircraft.