Twelve Sky 2 is in ongoing development being distributed by ALT1.[1] Just as with Twelve Sky, its predecessor, Twelve Sky 2 is a free to play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, otherwise known as a MMORPG, available via a client–server, downloaded from the Internet.

Set in Ancient China, players are thrown into an age old conflict between three warring Clans. Centered on the reemergence of a new faction, players must fight for the honor of their brothers or turn their backs in their hour of need.

The Twelve Sky 2 development team attended the 6th. annual ChinaJoy exposition, which featured their game, in 2008.[2] As a result of ChinaJoy, Twelve Sky 2 was also featured on the news site in their report on 18th. July 2008.[3]


While these two games can be played independently of each other, it should be noted, that many of the elements introduced in Twelve Sky, have subsequently been imported into Twelve Sky 2, although somewhat modified. For example, once again there are 3 established factions, each with their respective territories, weapon classes and armours to choose from, when first creating a character avatar. However, with the equalization of the 3 factions' statistics and attributes, as well as the addition or resurgence of a fourth faction, and that faction's influence and territories, the similarities between the two games end there.

This fourth faction is voluntarily populated by players from the first 3 factions. The fourth faction choice is automatically made available as a character path, only when a player has reached the status of Master level 1, which is the equivalent of 113 levels. In order to join the fourth faction, a player must relinquish all ties to his original faction and their territories, i.e., a guild membership, if any, must be terminated and friend lists cleared. Also, once the player has joined the fourth faction, the bond is permanent. That character avatar cannot return to his previous status. He may choose not to participate in any one faction's efforts, in essence becoming a lone or rogue player.

In addition to a fourth faction, an alliance system has also been put into place, to allow for a formal recognition of power sharing and especially, of offensive battle plans. This alliance system, restricted to a maximum of 2 factions, once established by the leaders, extends to all of the members of the two allied factions. As a result, during battles, the allied players will no longer be red-flagged as enemies to one another. Allied players will be able to communicate with each other at any time, just as they would with members of their own faction, as long as the alliance is in effect.

This game's developer is especially proud of the GXD game engine,[4] which was designed in-house, and from which the game greatly benefits.

There is a wide variety of mobs, all artistically rendered which, when attacked, display the typical color coded alerts, with respect to the level of the mobs in the environment, versus the players' levels. The generally accepted protocol is used, i.e., grey, pink or red colors to denote mobs below, within or above the attacking player's level.

Publishing history =

2008 GF YOYO,[5] (China) [6]

2008 Game Flier,[7] (Taiwan) [8] & (Malaysia) [9]

2008 KTH, Inc.,[10] (South Korea) [11]

2009 YNK Japan Inc.,[12] (Japan) [13]

2009 MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd.,[14] (Europe) [15]

2009 Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.,[16] (North America) [17][18]

2009 Global Game Center Ltd.,[19] (Turkey) [20]

2009 Gamesoft Technology Inc.,[21] (Philippines) [22]

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