Twin Cobra, known in Japan as Kyūkyoku Tiger (究極タイガー?), is a 1987 helicopter-themed shoot 'em up arcade game developed by Toaplan. It was published by Taito Corporation in Japan, and by Romstar in North America, and is one of Toaplan's most popular arcade games. It is also a spiritual sequel to Tiger Heli while it is followed by Twin Cobra II.

Ports and related releases

Twin Cobra was later ported to the NES, SEGA Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 and the Sharp X68000. The NES version was developed by Micronics, published by CBS Sony in Japan and by American Sammy in North America. The Genesis/Mega Drive version was developed by GRC, published by Treco in Japan and by Sega in North America. The TurboGrafx-16 version was ported by Taito exclusively in Japan. It was also added to Toaplan Shooting Battle Volume 1, a collection of Toaplan's shoot 'em ups that also includes Tiger-Heli, as well as some arranged music; however, the collection was released exclusively in Japan for the Sony PlayStation. The arcade game's most recent platform it was ported to were mobile phones.

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