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Lead Engineer

Jim Buck

Software Engineering

Michael Riccio

Matthew Titelbaum

William Todd

Lead Artist

Barry J. S. Pringle


Jonathan Beard

Diane Covill

James Doyle

Darrin Fuller

Thai Tran

Nikola Trifunovic

Julius Willis


Jonathan Beard

Darrin Fuller

William Todd

Assistant Producers

Cavan Bunting

Chad Okuda

Director of Development

Jonathan Beard


Brad Aldredge

Music Director

Chuck Doud

Tools Support

Devan Hammack

Storyline Scripting

Jonathan Beard

Matthew Titelbaum

William Todd

Julius Willis


Vision Scape Imaging

Frontend Design

Axiom Interactive Design

Voice Talent

Brad Aldredge

Rick Calvert

William Carey

Ryan Drummond

Russel Sabin

Jon St. John

Matthew Titelbaum

Julius Willis

Mel McMurrin as Calypso

Lani Minella (Pro Productions)

Test Manager

Ritchard Markelz

Lead Testers

Joseph Aragones

Masashi Ogasawara

Kyle Zundel

Assistant Lead Testers

Benjamin Briones

Andrew Byrne

Joe Raposo


Christian Arends

Chad Boylston

David Caffey

Jamal Carter

Kenneth Chan

Peter Chang

Erick Cobbs

Bruce Cochrane

Jose Cruz

Charles DeLay

Ara Demirjian

Lee Frohman

Jason Green

Don Horn

Chris Johnson

Vince Loughney

Leo Macalino

David Meagher

Chris Mitzlaff

Eric Molina

Dan Paris

Vince Pangelinan

David Paymard

Jeff Relaford

Josh Stocker

Lee Toland

Jason Torres

Ben Wisyanski

Tommy Woodland

Shane Wright

Technical Coordinators

Kevin Simmons

Sam Thompson


Kelly Flock

Vice President of Marketing

Jeffrey Fox

Director of Entertainment Marketing

Michael Lustenberger

Product Manager

Michael Lustenberger

Product Marketing

Liz Boucher

Robin Jeffers

John Koller

Director of Creative Services

Howard Liebeskind

Creative Services

Vyn Arnold

Dustin Duhne

Kevin Marburg

Michael Raines

Lee Anne Ramsey

Director of PR and Promotions

Helene Sheeler

PR and Promotions

Kim Bardakian

Arne Cual-Pedroso

Shon Damron

Marcelyn Ditter

Marc Franklin

Christy Fritts

Beth Goode

Bob Johnson

Kristina Kirk

Elena McCoy

Laura Naviaux

Chris Norton

Christopher E. Sturr

Christa Wittenberg

Director of Legal and Business Affairs

David Greenspan

Legal and Business Affairs

Sapphira Ng

Mimi Nguyen

Seth J. Steinberg

Manual Writing

Hanshaw Ink and Image

Package and Manual Design

Axiom Interactive Design

Special Thanks

Rex Baca

Butler Shine and Stern

Buzz Burrowes

Karen Busch

Robert Clark

Tina Cruz

Eric Davis

Brian Dimick

James Dobson

Butch Freedhoff

Jean Galli

Brian Hale

Kaz Hirai

Kolbe Launchbaugh

Michelle Manahan

Frank O'Malley

George Richard

Rick Rossiter

Tracy Rossiter

Becky Sanford

Symbolic Motor Car Co.

Jack Tretton

Jeffrey D. Vargas

989 Studios Finance Dept.

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