Twitch is a game streaming service. Players are allowed to stream any game, except for games rated as Adults Only by the ESRB, or games that violate the Terms of Service for Twitch. The following five games Twitch has concluded violate their Terms of Service:

Additionally, due to pressure from advertisers, Twitch also prohibits the following games from being streamed:

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy - Director's Cut and Manhunt 2: Uncut are currently rated as Adults Only by the ESRB, however, Hatred has not been granted a rating by the ESRB, as it is not released at time of writing, however, the developers have self-rated the game using the Adults Only rating.

The ESRB's Adults Only is an "18+" rating, and is analogous to PEGI's 18 rating; it is unclear why games rated as suitable for over-18's in non-US countries are not sanctioned by Twitch; one must conclude that it is pressure from US-based advertisers who do not wish for their advertised products and services to be seen alongside games where the Adults Only rating has been granted. The ruling by Twitch has been seen by some, notably by TotalBiscuit, as a "Don't stream Hatred" rule.

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