Typer Shark! is a typing game created and developed by PopCap Games.

The game follows a diver who is searching through wrecks at the bottom of the sea to look for treasure. As he/she descends to the sea floor, waves of sharks or piranhas will appear. The player must type the word on the side of the animal to eliminate it.

A full-featured downloadable trial and free online version are available online.


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As the game progresses, more types of creatures will appear. There will be more types of sharks and piranhas, each tougher than before. Bonus jellyfish will appear, but they do not harm the diver. Instead, typing the words on their side will give the player bonus points and extra zapper charges. Mutant fish only appear after the player completes an expedition and in abyss mode after the player reaches 2400 feet and below, but are extremely rare. Mutant fish move extremely fast and always come alongside a school of piranhas, and only one of them appear at a time. Bosses are to be defeated to complete a level every few levels:Level 4, Level 7/8/9, Level 11/12 and Level 12/13, and every 1000 feet in abyss mode. The player does so by typing the words or letters on their torpedoes of cannonballs. Shark Zapper cannot be used to defeat bosses. At the end of each level, the player must type as many words as possible in a limited time period, and finds a jewel. The player then gets thousands of bonus points, including accuracy bonus.


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