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Land Vehicles

All USA vehicles can upgrade drones on them.

Construction Dozer

USA dozer

Builds all USA structures and can repair structures too.



The ambulance can use its decontamination spray to rid the field of toxic and radiation clouds. It can also transport and heal infantry that enter them. Infantry near the ambulance also self-heal.


Humvees are lightly armored and can hold up to five infantry. It is armed with a light anti-infantry gun and the infantry can also fire out of a humvee. An upgrade can also be purchased so that all humvees come with TOW missiles that can fire on aircraft and hurt tanks more.

Crusader Tank

These tanks are reasonably priced and have good armor. Their firepower isn't too bad either. They are the main battle tanks for the USA. Crusader tanks are considerably fast.

Tomahawk Missile Launcher plasma

Paladin Tank

The generals

These tanks have good armour like the Crusaders but also have an in-built laser system which destroys incoming missiles against them. However, the laser lags a bit between each interception. The Paladin is good against one rocket solder or Tomahawk Launcher but it is weak against groups of them.

Sentry Drone

A fast, light vehicle that remains stealth when not moving. Can be upgraded with a sentry gun. It can detect enemy stealth units.

Microwave Tank

This vehicle is very strong against base defenses. It disables base defenses and buildings. Also, if it gets near enemy infantry it may melt them.



An anti-aircraft vehicle which shoots double lasers on enemy air units that deals with a lot of damage. It has moderate speed and armor. Weak against all ground forces. it can also shoot at incoming enemy missiles.

Laser Tank

Lasercrusader removed

nearly similar to a standard crusader. It's armed with a laser cannon instead of a cannon.




The standard supply collector of the USA. It can carry 8 infantries.

F/A-22 Raptor

Raptors are all-purpose aircraft that are armed with four missiles. They can be used effectively against vehicles, aircraft, and structures.

King Raptor

The King Raptor is only available to the air force general. It has a laser defense system that destroys incoming enemy missiles. It also carries 6 missiles, instead of 4. It is VERY affective against all tanks, except for Overlords.


Commanche generals

The commanches are support aircraft that are good against infantry and vehicles that do not have anti-air capabilities. They are armed with guns and four rockets that take time to reload. They can also upgrade rocket pods at the airfields to unlock the ability to unleash a barrage of rockets on a specified area.

Aurora Bomber nuke

Aurora bomber

High-cost,light armor, and speedy aircraft that drop a damaging bomb. They fly at supersonic speeds before dropping their bombs so that they are immune to anti-air fire. After they drop their bombs, they return to the airfield slowly and are completely vulnerable to anti-air fire.

Aurora Alpha


The Aurora Alpha Bomber is only available to the superweapon general. It is exactly the same as the normal Aurora bomber but carries a small fuel air bomb.

Note - Neither Aurora is allowed in the online - "pro" rule set.

F-117A Stealth Fighter

The stealth fighter generals point must be taken before this can be built at the airfield. Stealth fighters remain stealth unless detected or firing. The payload it drops is mostly effective against base defenses and can hurt structures a good amount. In Zero Hour, bunker buster bombs can be upgraded to clear any garrisoned structures of infantry and clear out all units in a tunnel network.

A-10 Thunderbolt II

Only deployed when using the A-10 generals ability. Depending on the power of the ability, one to three A-10's enter the map and will shoot a machine gun at its target and fire damaging missiles when approaching its target. Very effective against vehicles and structures.

B-52 Stratofortress

Requires a generals ability point. It drops fuel air bombs.

C-130 Hercules

Drops paratroopers and only comes when the generals ability for paradrop is used.

B-2 Spirit

Drop a MOAB or carpet bombs. requires general's ability point.

AC-130 Spectre Gunship

Zero Hour only. Fires a machine guns and on-board Howitzers fire out of it at the target. The range of the gunship is a radius around where the player deploys the gunship. The player can manually target anything inside its range. This Gunship has extremely high health and armour. Can sustain many hits before being destroyed.

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