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Ultimate Fighter, known in Japan as Hiryu no Ken S: Hyper Version (飛龍の拳S ハイパーバージョン?), is a 1993 fighting game developed and published by Culture Brain in Japan, and published by Natsume in North America.


  • Platform: Super NES
  • Developer: Culture Brain
  • Publisher: Natsume
  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: one-on-one Fighting
  • Mode: Single player, multiplayer
  • Fighters: Rick, Kidou, Sawamura, Simon, Kazama, Rago, Earthquaker, Iorn Claw, Jake, Betty, Gosset, Fish, Anga, Lisa, Joe, Mushashi, Soma, Zebra, Huge Hugh, Vajura, Jake Spinner, Falcon, Willy, Kates, Sanada, Leo, Grimzon, Chandler, Varna, Dargon

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