Under Siege (Taht-al-hissar تحت الحصار) is a sequel to the video game Under Ash designed by Radwan Kasmiya. Like Under Ash, it is a first-person shooter, with the option of playing the game as a third-person shooter. The game focuses on the lives of a Palestinian family between 1999 and 2002 during the second Intifada. The player shoots at Israeli Defense Force soldiers throughout most of the game. Shooting at civilians or otherwise hurting them ends the game.[1]

The game has been described as a docugame, since all the game levels are based on actual events documented by United Nations records (1978–2004).[2]

Under Siege is about the modern history of Palestine and it focuses on the lives of 5 Palestinian family members, during the second Intifada 1999–2002.

  • Ahmad, a young man who believes in using armed struggle to solve his people's problems.
  • Khaled, an ex-freedom fighter who cooperates with Israeli intelligence because he sees no other way of helping to end the conflict.
  • Mary, Khaled's wife and Ahmed's sister, who is meant to symbolize the plight of Palestinian women.
  • Mann, a 13 year old boy whose school is frequently closed due to occupation orders.
  • Abu Himam, an old veteran who reminds his fellows of the importance of the Palestinian national struggle.

The game was released in three versions:

  • UnderSiege "path to freedom" 2006 Arabic only.
  • UnderSiege "remnant of human" 2007 Arabic only.
  • UnderSiege Golden Edition 2008, English & Arabic.

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