What to build ar?

Command Cente

Supply Center


Prequisite to most all other structures in the game. Creates chinnoks, which gather resources

Supply Drop Zone


Calls in a drop of supplies every two minutes. this is USA's late game economy for after the supply piles are gone.

Cold Fusion Reactor


Provides USA with power. Power is used by most other buildings. It also can upgrade into power lines.



Creates USA's basic infantry

War Factory


Allows creation of USA tanks and artillerey

Air Field


Allows creation of USA air units.

Strategy Center


Can choose to deploy either Search and Destroy, Hold the Line, or Bombardment battle plans. It unlocks advanced units and structures. Provides advanced upgrades.

Zero Hour only

Can also use the Intelligence power to reveal enemy forces for a short period of time.

Patriot Missile System


USA's air and ground defense, can help other patriot missile systems track enemies.

EMP Patriot


Patriot missile system available only to Super Weapons General. Stronger base defense that can disable vehicles and destroy most aircraft in one hit.

Particle Cannon


The super weapon of the USA. It shoot a large laser beam in the air then hits on any target you want to hit. It take 2 minutes countdown before activation.

Detention Camp

Allows you to use intelligence.

Fire Base


armed with an artillery platform and can be garrisoned by 4 infantries.

Laser Defense Turret


An excellent defense turret of laser general Townes. It fights well with a laser cannon.


Capture Building

Cost:1000 Allows USA Rangers to capture neutral and enemy structures periodically.

Flash Bang Grenades

clear out people in buildings

Battle Drone


Repairs the vehicle when not firing. It also fires at enemies and is strong against infantry.

Scout Drone

Gives a better line of sight.

Hellfire Missile Drone


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