Armed 4X4 Buggy

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $300
Cc nod buggy

The Nod Buggy has lighter armor than the Humvee, but is faster and cheaper than the Humvee. It is armed with a M-60 machine gun.


  • Owner: GDI
  • Cost: $400
Cc humvee

Armed with a .50 cal machine gun, the Humvee trades a bit of speed for armor when compared to its counterpart the Nod Buggy.

Recon Bike

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $500
Cc recon bike

Fast, lightly armored, and armed with a rocket, the recon bike is perfect recon vehicle as it is the fastest vehicle in the game. it can be used against armor as well as aircraft although it is a very fragile unit. It cannot crush enemy infantry.


  • Owner: GDI
  • Cost: $700
CC apc

The armored personnel carrier can transport up to five infantry and is armed with a machine gun. Its armor and firepower is stronger than hum-vee's

Light tank

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $600
CC light tank

Fast and cheap, the light tank is Nod's main battle tank. It is armored and has a decent amount of firepower.

Medium tank

  • Owner: GDI
  • Cost: $800
CC medium tank

GDI's med tank is slower than NOD's light tank, but its single shot also fires further than both light and mammoth tank shots.

Stealth tank

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $900
Cc stealth tank

With its ability to remain cloaked, he stealth tank can traverse through terrain unseen until it fires its twin rockets or runs too close to enemy defenses or infantry. It is lightly armored and must uncloak to fire due to a large power drain on its stealth generator.

Flame tank

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $800
Cc flame tank

The Flame tank is fearsome vehicle to GDI infantry. It is slow moving and heavily armored, but fires dual blasts of flames. It can melt down infantry, light armored vehicles and buildings quickly, as well as some heavily armored vehicles.

Rocket launcher

  • Owner: GDI, Nod (Multi-player Only)
  • Cost: $800
Cc rocket launcher

The rocket launcher is GDI's artillery unit. It fires two rockets far range that can hit both air and ground. Its rockets are effective against everything except tanks with the heaviest armor.


  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $450
Cc artillery

Nod's artillery is both slow moving and slow turning. It fires a single long range, powerful, but inaccurate shot that is effective against anything on the ground. Not a unit to send alone due to its low armor.

Surface to Surface Missile Launcher

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $750
Cc ssm launcher

The surface to surface missile launcher carries two missiles on its back. They can be fired from an extremely long range and detonate in a fiery blast. It is primarily effective against infantry and light armor, but should be used against stationary objects.

Mammoth Tank

  • Owner: GDI
  • Cost: $1500
CC mammoth tank

The strongest vehicle in the game and for GDI, the mammoth tank is armed with dual 120mm cannons. It also carries twin rockets that can be used to attack air units. When damaged below 50% health, the mammoth tank can self heal itself back to half health. It has lots of armor and can take lots of punishment before being destroyed.

Mobile Construction Vehicle

  • Owner: GDI, Nod
  • Cost: $5000

The MCV is the starting of every base. It deploys into a construction yard, but must be protected while being moved from one location to another.


  • Owner: GDI, Nod
  • Cost: $1400
Cc harvester

The harvester is an unarmed vehicle that goes to the tiberium fields to collect tiberium. It brings its load back and empties into the tiberium refinery. One comes for free upon construction of a Tiberium Refinery. The harvester can take lots of punishment before being destroyed.

Naval Units


  • Owner: GDI
Cc gunboat

Gunboats are not buildable and only appear in missions. They have far range missiles that are effective against all ground and air units, but very effective against aircraft, light armor, base structures, and infantry. Gunboats can only move horizontally across the screen, usually on a body of water. They cannot be controlled except for changing targets.

Hover Craft

  • Owner: GDI
Cc hover craft

Hover crafts only appear to reinforce GDI on beaches. They only move up and down


Combat Orca

  • Owner: GDI
  • Cost: $1200
Cc orca

The Orca VTOL assault helicopter carries six rockets and flies quickly through the air. It is capable of dodging some anti-air fire. It is good for picking off armor or weakening up bases, but must return to helipads to reload.

Apache Attack Helicopter

  • Owner: Nod
  • Cost: $1200 (Multi-player Only)
Cc apache

Nod's aircraft is the Apache Helicopter. It is not as good against armor as the Orca, but can really rip through light armor and infantry. They have a lot of ammunition, but must return to a helipad to reload.

Transport Helicopter(Chinook)

  • Owner: GDI, Nod
  • Cost: $1500 (Not buildable in missions)
Cc chinook

Chinooks can hold and transport up to five infantry. They are seen often in missions and have light armor. Anti-air fire can bring these down quickly also. They have no weapons and do not need to use helipads.


  • Owner: GDI
Cc a10

A-10 aircraft will only enter the screen when an airstrike is called. One to three planes usually fly in and will drop napalm bombs around its target then leave.

Tiberium Creatures


Cc viceroid

A tiberium creature that attacks with a dual chemical sprayer. It is an extremely strong and dangerous unit.



Cc raptor

A fast and relatively armored dino, it travels fast and bites fast. It can outrun tanks and infantry.


Cc triceratops

A strong, but slow moving dino that has quite a bit of armor.


Cc stegosaurus

A strong, but slow moving dino that has quite a bit of armor.


Cc trex

The strongest dino, it can crush infantry and even eat them to regain health.

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