GDI pitbull cc3
A quick scouting unit with a similar role as the humvee and wolverine units of Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun, respectively. The pitbull is an all-terrain jeep with an anti-vehicle/anti-air missile launcher. They are quick, but are lacking in armor and firepower. (Compared with Nod's Attack Bikes, Pitbulls are slower and less powerful, but better armored.)

Pitbulls can be upgraded with mortars to grant them better range to complement their fast speed, though Mortars cannot be used whilst the Pitbull is in motion.

GDI apc cc3
The APC is GDI's armored personnel carrier. Each APC is equipped with a machinegun that's strong against infantry and aircraft and can transport a single squad of infantry. Infantry squads that are garrisoned within the APC can still fire at enemy units outside of the APC, all while being protected by the APC's durable armor.

The APC can also lay a small minefield for 500. The mines are stealthed, and will either kill or severely damage infantry, deal heavy damage to light vehicles, and deal moderate damage to heavier vehicles. With so many mines being laid per use, tanks that cross over a minefield risk being destroyed before they could even get to do battle.

In Kane's Wrath, the APC can be upgraded with armor piercing bullets for more firepower.

KW mobile repair transport
Mobile Repair Transport: (Kane's Wrath, Steel Talons only)
A Steel Talons exclusive APC with a repair arm instead of a machinegun. The arm does nothing, but the drone following the vehicle will repair any units in range of the MRT. Other than that, the MRT can perform any of the standard APC's other functions, including the ability to lay mines, and allowing garrisoned infantry to fire at enemies from within the MRT.

KW Wolverine
Wolverine: (Kane's Wrath, Steel Talons only)
A well-armored walker that is absolutely devastating towards infantry (and can also deal low-moderate damage towards vehicles and structures). It made its first appearance in Tiberian Sun and returns to the battlefield once more for Kane's Wrath, under the exclusive service of the Steel Talons subfaction.

The Wolverine can be upgraded with armor piercing bullets to bolster its firepower.

An AP upgraded Wolverine can take on a standard Seeker. This means that AP Wolverines can be used against all of Scrin's basic units.

GDI predator cc3
Predator tank:
GDI's mainstay armored vehicle and a multi-purpose delivery platform. Predator tanks are armed with a single, powerful anti-vehicle and anti-structural cannon. Predators can be upgraded with railguns from the Tech Center for added firepower.

Compared to the Nod Scorpion tank and the Scrin Seeker, the Predator has greater firepower and armor. A Predator can defeat a Scorpion tank with more than half it's health left, and have even greater effect faced against Seekers. However, it is the most expensive at 1100 compared to the 800 price tag of its rivals.

Predators can receive Railgun from the Tech Center.

KW titan
Titan: (Kane's Wrath, Steel Talons only)
The Steel Talons' replacement of the Predator Tank. Though it has equal armor and firepower compared to the Predator, and has only slightly longer range. The Titan can stomp over several Predators, Scorpions or Seekers before it is defeated, making it potentially the most powerful early game unit. It can also flatten Harvesters.

The Titans can be upgraded with Railguns for even more firepower. They can also be upgraded with the ability to use adaptive armor to both increase their armor and make them immune to EMP attacks, though at the cost of decreased rate of fire, but overall the armor boost is greater than the potential firepower lost, making in nearly always necessary to have it engaged during battle

GDI rig cc3
Rig: (Requires Command Post)
A versatile multi-purpose platform that can be deployed on any position on the map. When deployed the Rig serves as a repair bay for GDI's vehicles that can be packed up should the Rig be needed elsewhere. A deployed Rig can also serve as a mobile defense platform, since it's armed with a couple of anti-vehicle Guardian Cannons and a surface-to-air missile battery.

In Kane's Wrath, the Rig's Guardian Cannons can be upgraded with railguns to give them a bigger punch. They can also move faster.

KW slingshot
Slingshot: (Kane's Wrath, Requires Command Post)
The Slingshot is a dedicated anti-air vehicle that uses quad cannons to take out enemy aircraft with devastating effectiveness. The slingshot is equipped with hover technology, which allows it move faster but at the cost of armor. (Oddly enough, unlike hovercraft in Tiberian Sun, hovercraft in C&C3 can't traverse through water.) The Slingshot cannot attack any ground-based units, though it can crush light infantry with devastating effectiveness and a glitch (only know on Xbox 360 version) allows it to force attack the ground when selected with other ground attacking units.

GDI shatterer
Shatterer: (Kane's Wrath, Requires Command Post, Vanilla GDI only)
The Shatterer is a light armored vehicle that fires a sonic beam (that's reminiscient of the Disrupter Tanks from Tiberian Sun). The Shatterer also has hover technology which makes it faster but lighter in armor. Shatterers can not fire while moving, but can inflict damage upon multiple units in a line, making the Shatterer very useful against large armies.

GDI Zoneshatterer
Zone Shatterer: (Kane's Wrath, Requires Command Post, ZOCOM only)
The Zone Shatterer is ZOCOM's version of the basic Shatterer. In addition to having all of the abilities of the standard Shatterer, Zone Shatterers also have the ability Overload Beam, which fires an even more powerful sonic wave, but disables the Zone Shatterer for a few seconds. Though it looks more heavily armored than the standard Shatterer, it is in fact not. It also cost 100 more than the standard.

GDI mammoth cc3
Mammoth tank: (Requires Tech Center)
After being absent from Tiberian Sun, Mammoth Tanks return to the fray once more. These heavily armored units come equipped with dual cannons that are highly effective against vehicles and structures, as well as dual rocket pods that are equally effective against infantry and aircraft alike. Moreover, Mammoth Tanks can crush smaller vehicles, including tanks, by merely rolling over them (though it's slow speed makes it difficult to do so). As if that wasn't enough, Mammoth Tanks can be upgraded with railguns for even more firepower.

Additionally, the Steel Talons' version of the Mammoth Tanks can be upgraded with the adaptive armor ability, which, when activated, increases the Mammoth Tanks' armor and makes them immune to EMP attacks, but at the cost of rate of fire.

GDI juggernaut cc3
Juggernaut: (Requires Tech Center)
GDI's heavy artillery walker was first seen in Tiberian Sun's expansion pack Firestorm. While the Juggernaut has since undergone several changes (including not having to be manually deployed to fire), what hasn't changed is the fact that the Juggernaut is a mobile artillery unit that can lay waste to infantry, vehicles, and structures from afar.

An additional improvement over the Firestorm version is the ability for the Juggernauts to fire at any point on the map provided that a Sniper Team is near the target and is stationary (so that the spotter can paint targets for the Juggernauts to bombard from anywhere on the map).

Note: Like Nod's Avatars and the Scrin's Annihilator Tripods, once this unit is destroyed, it leaves a husk that can be captured by any faction's Engineers, Saboteurs, or Assimilators. Once captured, the unit recovers some HP, and is under the control of the faction that captured the husk.

KW Behemoth
Behemoth: (Kane's Wrath, Requires Tech Center, Steel Talons only)
The Steel Talons' variant of the Juggernaut in Kane's Wrath. A bunker that can store a single infantry squad was jury-rigged onto their hulls to allow them to survive in close-combat situations better. In all other cases, they behave similarly to the Juggernauts, and leave a husk when destroyed.

Unfortunately, unlike the Juggernaut, the Behemoth is unable to strike anywhere on the map, even with the help of an allied/acquired Sniper team.

GDI harvester cc3
Harvester: (Vanilla GDI only)
Used for the collection of Tiberium. GDI harvesters are better armored than Nod and Scrin Harvesters and are armed with an anti-personnel machinegun for self-defense.

KW Heavy Harvester
Heavy Harvester: (Kane's Wrath, Steel Talons only)
The Heavy Harvester replaces the standard GDI Harvester's machinegun for a bunker that can provide cover for a single squad of infantry, who, in turn, provide the harvester with additional defense. Otherwise, it's identical to the standard GDI Harvester.

KW Rocket harvester
Rocket Harvester: (Kane's Wrath, ZOCOM Only)
The Rocket harvester replaces the standard GDI Harvester's machinegun with a rocket pack that allows it to defend itself against vehicles and aircraft more effectively. Otherwise, it's identical to the standard GDI Harvester.

GDI surveyor cc3
Like Nod's Emissaries and the Scrin's Explorers, the Surveyer can move to distant parts of the map, and deploy into an outpost to expand ground control to remote spots. Surveyors, as with all expansion vehicles, take 30 seconds to finish deploying.

GDI mcv cc3
The MCV can be unpacked into a Construction Yard to allow for the production of other structures. The Construction Yard also expands ground control to a greater radius than the Surveyer, and can be packed up into an MCV again so that it could be moved to another location.

The Construction Yard is extremely vital to your infrastructure. Without it, structures and base defenses cannot be built, so it's imperative that you protect it at all costs. (Well, almost all costs.)

KWMarv portrait
MARV (Kane's Wrath, Requires Reclamation Hub)
The Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle (or MARV) is GDI's Epic Unit. The MARV is armed with a tri-barreled sonic cannon that deals splash damage over several units at a time. The MARV is also equipped with an onboard refinery and can process any Tiberium that it drives over, turning it into extra credits that can be used to finance the player's war efforts.

The MARV comes with four garrison slots, which can be permanently garrisoned (meaning that the garrisoned infantry can't leave the vehicle, but rather, become a permanent part of the vehicle instead). The MARV becomes the most powerful unit on land once it is fully equipped. The following infantry can garrison the MARV:

Rifleman Squad - provides an anti-infantry machinegun.

Missile Squad - provides anti-armor and anti-aircraft rockets.

Engineer or Combat Engineer - grants the MARV the ability to gradually heal. Garrisoning additional Engineers (or Combat Engineers) increases the healing rate.

Grenadier Squad - provides garrison-clearing grenades.

Sniper Team - provides a sniper nest, which is extremely effective against infantry.

Zone Troopers - provides railguns that are very effective against vehicles and structures.

Zone Raiders - provides sonic grenades that deal splash damage.

GDI hover cc3
Hovercraft: (Unplayable)
The GDI hovercraft provides the player with reinforcements by transporting them across water.


Nod reco cc3
Attack bike:
A fast recon and hit-and-run vehicle of the Brotherhood of Nod. It is armed with two anti-air missile launchers equal in power to a Rocket squad and can move across terrain very rapidly. It is the fastest land unit in the game. It is typically used in the early game to destoy Harvesters and to scout.

Nod buggy cc3
Raider buggy:
A quick scouting unit with a similar basic function as its previous incarnations in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, the raider buggy comes equipped with a light machine gun effective against infantry. It can be upgraded to wield a laser as its weapon making it more powerful and more accurate (if you watch closely when it fires regular bullets, the gunner sometimes misses), and can additionally be outfitted with an electromagnetic pulse blast which will disable nearby enemy vehicles. Black Hand Raider buggies have stealth-detecting properties.

Nod Light tank cc3
Scorpion tank:
Nod's light-to-medium tank, these vehicles can be upgraded to be mounted with a heavy laser turret, and additionally can be outfitted with a so-called 'dozer blade' which will allow it to run over heavily armored infantry such as GDI's zone troopers. This also allows it to crush hordes of Disintegrators without taking damage from explosions, and run through mine fields.

Nod flame tank cc3
Flame tank:
The flame tank returns to its original function as seen in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. The unit will unleash a massive torrent of flame which is highly effective against infantry, as well as potent in the damaging of structures. Flame tanks are to be one of the most effective units in the game for clearing out buildings that are being garrisoned by squads of enemy infantry. When upgraded with Purifying flames (Black Hand) it's power is boosted to the extent that it now has greater anti-armor capabilities than a Scorpion tank, not to mention against infantry and structures. It can even be used to destroy tiberium fields that enemies may be using, depriving them of resources.

Nod stank cc3
Stealth tank:
The stealth tank is a high-tech scouting and assault vehicle which is capable of remaining invisible to enemy units whenever it is not actively engaging them or being engaged by them. It also comes equipped with missiles which are capable of damaging buildings, vehicles and air units alike. In Kane's Wrath, Tiberium Core Missiles upgrade more than make up for its new, almost double price tag 1800.

KW Mantis
Mantis (Kane's Wrath):
The Mantis is an anti-aircraft droid that is only available for the Black Hand sub-faction. It is equipped with anti-aircraft rockets, and is designed to replace the role of the Stealth tank in fighting off aircraft.

Nod artillery cc3
Beam cannon artillery:
The artillery unit of the Brotherhood of Nod, beam artillery is capable of outranging static base defenses and can additionally combine with each other's firepower for increased damage output on a single target. These units can also be combined with the Venom scout aircraft and the Obelisk of Light defensive structure, which will increase both its target range and its offensive power. They have weak armor and are relatively slow-moving, making them an easy target for Orcas and other such aircraft.

KW Purifier
Purifier (Kane's Wrath):
The Purifier is the predecessor to the Avatar, which is available only to the Black Hand sub-faction. It comes equipped with a flamethrower and a laser cannon, but unlike the Avatar it cannot commandeer technology. However, it can be upgraded with purifying flames which allow it to raze an entire base in a few seconds, provided that it can get inside without being attacked.

Nod avatar cc3
Avatar warmech:
Nod's main battle walker. In comparison to its rivals (the GDI Mammoth tank and the Scrin Annihilator tripod), it is weak, though its laser is powerful, and has decent range. It's commandeer ability can be used on Nod Vehicles to snatch one of their features; Attack bike's stealth detector, Flame tank's flamethrower, Beam cannon's laser (not identical to the Beam cannon's weapon but rather to the Avatar's own laser) and Stealth tank's Stealth generator, which provides stealth when not moving. Because of the weakness toward its rivals and it's ability to snatch the weapon off certain Nod vehicles, it can be used against another Nod player to power up the Avatar for free (no one ever said you had to use your own units).
Nod HARV cc3
Nod's version of the standard Tiberium harvester, it is able to cloak itself whenever outside of its refinery. It's only defense upon detection is to crush offending infantry, or simply flee the scene.

Nod emissary cc3
Nod Emissary:
The Nod Emissary can be move to other parts of the map, allowing for the construction of outposts and expanding the base to new areas.

Nod mcv cc3
The mobile construction vehicles can be moved to any point on the map and be deployed into a construction yard. An extra MCV provides a extra building tab, which enables the player to build more than one structure at a time.

KW Specter
Specter artillery (Kane's Wrath):
The Specter artillery is a stealth cannon artillery that remains cloaked until it fires. They can fire clear over defenses and cause massive splash damage, then disappear and retreat. By practicing this process, Specters can become extremely efficient. Some people use Specters to force attack an area outside their base, providing a deterrent and damaging all that come near. The Shadow Team can place a stealthed beacon on the map to allow the artillery to fire within the radius of the beacon, and thus Specters can be used to destroy the enemies' Tiberium. Note: the location of the Specter will be revealed if it cannot be seen in the opponents sight radius.

KW Reckoner
Reckoner (Kane's Wrath):
The Reckoner is an unarmed heavy transportation unit that can garrison 2 units inside, though they cannot fire out initially. The Reckoner can deploy into a attack bunker, which allows the infantry inside to fire out of it and gives a third infantry slot. Upon deploying the Reckoner cannot become mobile again. Reckoners can be stealthed via Cloaking Field to easily sneak units such as Commandos and Engineers behind enemy lines.It can be upgraded with dozer blades to smash heavily armored infantry.

KW Redeemer
Redeemer (Kane's Wrath):
The Redeemer is Nod's Epic unit which is armed with an obelisk-derived tri-part laser, and dual shoulder-mounted weapon customization slots. When Militant Rifle Squad, Confessor Cabal, or Awakened enter the slot the redeemer is armed with a anti-infantry machinegun. If rocket squads enter, then it is armed with anti air and vehicle rockets. If a saboteur enters, then it can heal faster. If a Black Hand enters, it will gain flamethrowers and be effective against infantry and buildings. If a tiberium trooper enters it will be effective against vehicles and infantry. The Redeemer also has a Rage Generator which causes all ground units without a target to go berserk and attack everything nearby. (When playing against the AI, your units will attack each other regardless).


Cc3 scrin seeker
The seeker is an hover tank armed with sensors to detect stealth, and plasma discs that are anti-air and anti-vehicle. The seeker cannot crush infantry, and is the weakest of its rivals. In Kane's Wrath, all Scrin sub-factions except the Traveler-59 faction can upgrade forcefields on their seekers, but all three sub-factions can purchase the Shard launchers upgrade.

Cc3 scrin gunwalkers
Gun Walker
The gun walker is a vehicle armed with energy weapons which are anti-air and anti-infantry. It is the only basic anti-infantry vehicle that can crush infantry. In Kane's Wrath, it can be upgraded with forcefields.

KW Shard Walker
Shard Walker (Kane's Wrath)
The shard walker is a more powerful, slightly faster moving version of the Gun walker. It can also be upgraded with Blue shards to make it more powerful.

Cc3 scrin harvester
The harvester absorbs tiberium for the Scrin. It can regenerate health if Tiberium is present and the harvester can generate an ion storm if it is destroyed (not in Kane's wrath). It has absolutely no forms of self-defense.

KW Shielded Harvester
Shielded Harvester (Kane's Wrath)
The shielded harvester absorbs tiberium for the Scrin, and is available exclusively for the Reaper-17 sub-faction. It can regenerate health if Tiberium is present, and has a force field that allows the harvester to take more damage.

Cc3 scrin devourer
Devourer tank
The devourer tank is armed with a proton laser cannon which is effective against infantry and vehicles. The tank can consume Tiberium to super charge its cannon to power up the main cannon for a certain number of shots. In the Kane's Wrath expansion, Reaper-17 faction can upgrade it with conversion reserves to keep firing green conversion beams longer. Ichor seed may be used near the Devourer for easy access to a conversion site. (Conversion does NOT use up Tiberium).

Cc3 scrin corrupter
The corruptor sprays a corrosive Tiberium spray to attack. This spray proves effective in healing allied Scrin units and clearing garrisoned structures. It is fairly powerful against infantry, so-so against structures and not so good against armor. Sometimes, enemy infantry may be transformed into Visceroids, who attack all units around them. The spray heals Visceroids so the Corrupter will have to crush them if it is alone. Most people use them to follow the Eradicator Hexapod, healing it as it goes. The Eradicator does a fair job defending the Corruptors in turn.

KW Mechapede
Mechapede (Kane's Wrath)
The mechapede is a multi-segmented unit that can be upgraded with eight segments. It starts with the head segment, which is armed with an anti-armor laser similar to the one of the Disintegrator. The mechapede can be upgraded with segments for $100. The possible segments are Shard segments which fires Tiberium shards at infantry units, Toxin segments which can melt buildings and clear garrison structures, Disc segments for anti armor and anti aircraft, and Disintegrator segments for anti-vehicle laser. Many people favour a full set of Disintegrator segments because they destroy structures and vehicles as fast as Disintegrators themselves, with increased range and easily replaceable segments. Mechapedes tend to take up several command points, probably because it would not be fair if they could be built in huge numbers because of their power.

Cc3 scrin tripod
Annihilator Tripod
The annihilator is a walker armed with three long range beam weapons on its tentacles, capable of engaging several targets at once. It is able to crush small vehicles and destroy most ground vehicles and structure. A shield upgrade is also available for this unit (not for Traveler-59). The Tripod also has a short range EMP blast which can shut units and buildings offline for a short time, but can be used again as soon as it wears off. For this reason, an Annihilator Tripod may single-handedly defeat an epic unit. For EMP to be used, the tripod must be close to the target, at which point the player must manually command the Tripod to attack the unit. The Tripod can defeat a Mammoth tank but even the assistance of a riflemen squad would completely change the outcome, signifying that it is a small difference between the two's capabilities.

KW Reaper Tripod
Reaper Tripod (Kane's Wrath)
The Reaper Tripod is the Reaper-17 version of the Annihilator Tripod. It is similar to the Annihilator except for its Conversion ability, which when in use makes it more powerful than its counterpart. It can be upgraded with Conversion reserves. Forcefields cost only 2/5 as much as Annihilator shields because it doesn't need to be applied to Devastators or Planetary Assault Carriers.

Cc3 scrin explorer
The explorer is used for base expansion for the Scrin.

Scrin Eradicator
The Eradicator Hexapod
The Eradicator Hexapod is the epic unit for the Scrin. It has a Lifeform Recycling System which gives the player cash if an enemy unit is destroyed within the large radius of a Hexapod. The Hexapod is capable of assimilating three units. If it assimilates a Prodigy or Mastermind, it gains the ability to teleport across the map. If a Disintegrator is assimilated it gains a anti vehicle laser. If a Assimilator is assimilated it gains persistent healing and the rate will increase with each additional assimilator. Assimilated Shock Trooper will provide anti-vehicle and anti-air disc launchers. A Ravager will provide anti infantry and anti vehicle tiberium shards

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