GDI Vehicles



wolverine firing

Cost: $500

Lightly armored and armed with an Assault Cannon, a squad of these units can take out infantry with ease.


Titans GDI

Cost: $800

The titan packs a 120mm cannon that can outrange low level defenses and not face retaliation. It is heavily armored and is very effective against ground forces other than infantry. A four star unit to use

Hover MLRS


Hover MLRS

Cost: $900

The Hover MLRS is GDI's rocket launcher unit. It has a medium-long range missile system that is effective against both vehicles and air units. It also makes a great recon unit since the hovering makes this unit indifferent to all terrain types except for cliffs. Its cost is rather expensive to be used for recon.

Amphibious APC

GDI amphibious APC

Amphibious APC

The counterpart to NOD's subterranean APC, but it is able to travel on land and sea instead of go underground. The Amphibious APC can ferry up to 5 infantry units.


CCDisruptorHi res

Disrupter render by Eric Gooch

A weapon of the GDI arsenal, the disrupter uses powerful harmonic resonance waves that injure or kill friend or foe alike caught in the blast. The disrupters themselves are immune to their own weapons, even if it against an enemy.

Mammoth Mk. II


Mammoth Mk. II

Theoretically the strongest vehicle in the game and definitely the biggest of the mech units, the Mammoth Mk.II is GDI's new mammoth tank. It is armed with a side mounted rail gun that can shoot through units, killing rows of enemies, and it is also armed with dual missile launchers for anti-air. The mammoth Mk.II is only a prototype, and still in its development stages. Because of this, only one can be deployed at a time. The Last Mk. II was built on March 12, 2039 in GDI’s San Pedro war factory. Closure of the production line was met with anger particular by Col. Nick "Havoc" Parker.

Mobile EMP


mobile EMP

A vehicle version of the EMP cannon, the Mobile EMP is able to charge up, then drive near enemy vehicles and deploy to release its charge. ITs effects are shorter and smaller radius compared to the EMP cannon, but its mobility and faster recharge rate makes it a very useful vehicle in nullifying opposing armor columns.

Mobile War Factory


The mobile war factory is a slightly cheaper and mobile version of the GDI War Factory. It is able to move and deploy at any designated area and work just like a GDI War Factory producing vehicles anywhere, even the frontline.



GDI Juggernaut

The Juggernaut was made in response to NOD artillery since GDI realized that they had no artillery of their own. The juggernaut is another mech and has three cannons that fire one round each. It has long range and is effective against stationary targets.

Mammoth Tank

The Mammoth Tank is a classical unit found in a few missions. They are effective against vehicles with their 120mmx cannons and their dual rockets fired at aircraft. They can be used sometimes and are helpful.

Nod Vehicles

Attack Buggy

The Attack Buggy is armed with a Raider Cannon that is effective against infantry and some lightly armored vehicles. It has light armor itself, and moves quite fast on land. It is mainly used for recon or anti infantry.

Attack Cycle

Attack cycles NOD

Nod's attack cycle has replaced the old recon bike. It is the fastest land unit in the game and is armed with a rockets. The attack cycle has very weak armor and can even lose to a light infantry going 1 on 1, but its an ideal scout unit and works as anti-air over short ranges.

Tick Tank

Tick tank NOD

The Nod Tick Tank is used in response to GDI's armored Titans. The tick tank is armed with a 90mm cannon. The tick tank can burrow half underground and turn into an immobile turret to increase its defenses, making it harder to kill.

Devil's Tongue Flame Tank

Devil's Tongue Nod

The Devil's Tongue Flame Tank is a vehicle to be feared by GDI infantry. It is armed with a flame thrower and is able to travel underground and resurface almost anywhere. It is also effective at melting buildings and light armor.

Stealth Tank


Nod Stealth Tank

The Nod Stealth tank is the same as before. It is cloaked except when detected by infantry or base defenses. It also has to uncloak to shoot due to the large power drain on the Stealth Generator. The stealth tank is armed with dual rockets, and can be used as anti air and anti tank as well as stealth recon


Armed with 155mm gun, Nod's artillery unit is longer ranged than before, but due to the massive recoil caused by firing, it must deploy before it can fire, and remains immobile until it is undeployed again. It is accurate over long distances and can take out infantry and vehicles well before they reach the unit.

Cyborg Reaper

Cyborg reaper NOD

The cyborg reaper is another of Nod's mutants mixed with machine. It was used by CABAL in Tiberian sun: Firestorm. They are armed with a anti-infantry "web" that acts as a net and traps infantry, leaving them helpless. To deal with webbed infantry or vehicles, the cyborg reaper has 4 missiles that launch with some hitting random targets. The reaper is light in armor, and can heal in tiberium.

Mobile Stealth Generator


Mobile Stealth Generator

A nice addition to Nod's covert forces, although a bit expensive, the Mobile Stealth generator does what its name says. While undeployed, it can travel in the field as any other vehicle. If it deploys, it creates a small cloak field able to keep allied forces cloaked from enemies.

Fist of Nod

The Fist of Nod is Nod's mobile war factory. It is built at a slightly cheaper price than an actual war factory and is able to deploy and start building vehicles anywhere.

Weed Eater

Nod's harvester for harvesting tiberium veins. It works the same as a harvester does, just that it takes veins and not tiberium.

Mobile Repair Vehicle

Mobile repair NOD

The MRV is an important unit to Nod. Because the brotherhood lacks a repair facility, it compensates by having a mobile vehicle with an extended arm to repair forces. Unlike the service depot, the MRV can repair units in the field far from your own base and without any cost. This unit has all the tools necessary to make full repairs on any vehicle, but has no weapons to defend itself.

Subterranean APC

Nod's APC is unarmed but able to burrow underground and surface almost anywhere on the map. It can carry up to 5 infantry and is an ideal unit to use for sneak attacks. Like all subterranean units, it can be detected by a mobile sensor array.

Core Defender

Owned by cabal in the final Firestorm mission, The core defender cannot be destroyed when still deployed. It is the strongest ground unit in the game, armed with twin lasers in its arms that can destroy almost any vehicle
with its dual blasts.

ICBM Launcher

The Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile Launcher was used by Nod in their final campaign against GDI. They were used to launch 3 missiles into space to shoot down the GDI spacestation, the Philadelphia.

Vehicles Owned by both teams

Limpet Drone


Limpet Drones Deploying

The limpet drone hovers over terrain. When it deploys, it turns stealth and burrows mostly into the ground, becoming an invisible mine. When a vehicle runs over the drone, it attaches itself to the bottom of the vehicle. The bugged vehicle is able to give the commander information about the whereabouts of the bugged unit as well as the sight range of the unit.

Mobile Sensor Array

Mobile sensor array GDI

Both factions have this vehicle as a means of detecting units travelling subterannean as well as cloaked units. The MSA also has the ability to show enemy forces or bases in the shroud for radar display within the range of its scanners.


The resource collector of both sides, the harvester is heavily armored and slow moving. It has no protection alone and its only job is to collect tiberium and unload it at the refinery.

Hunter Seeker Droid

Hunter GDI

The hunter seeker is released from the Temple of Nod or the Seeker Control add-on on the Upgrade center. When released it randomly selects an enemy or neutral unit or structure, latches on and self destructs. The explosion is strong enough to kill whatever it attaches to, and can kill multiple infantry if they are closely packed.

Mobile Construction Vehicle


The MCV is the most important unit of both factions. It deploys into a construction yard that allows the construction of bases. It is defenseless, but heavily armored and expensive.


GDI Aircraft

Orca Fighter

Orca fighter GDI

The Orca Fighter is the fastest air unit of the game. It is usually able to travel the whole length of the map within a minute. It is armed with 10 hellfire missiles that are effective against vehicles and structures.

Orca Bomber

Orca bomber

Slower, more well armored, and higher firepower, the Orca bomber is a devastating unit. It carry two loads of 5 bomblets and flies over its target to drop high-explosive bombs.

Orca Carryall

Orca carryall GDI

The orca carryall is a transport that carries vehicles. It is able to attach to any vehicle and carry it in the air to anywhere in the battlefield that it can land. Orca carryalls can also drop a vehicle off into the service depot before landing itself.

Orca Transport

Orca transport GDI

The orca transport only appears in single player, and is only used to transport troops. It can hold up to 5 infantry.


GDI Dropship

Not buildable, the dropship flies high over the battlefield and is used for delivery of reinforcement of either vehicles, infantry, or both to the battlefield.

Nod Aircraft




With some technology recovered from the Scrin Ship, Nod has developed the "Banshee" aircraft. It fires with twin plasma cannons and can destroy vehicles effectively.




Nod's anti-infantry aircraft is armed with a machine gun extremely effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Although not as effective against heavy armor, allowing the Harpy to use lots of its ammo up against heavy armor does do significant damage although time consuming.

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