Light Infantry

Used by:  House HarkonnenHouse Ordos, House Atreides

Light infantry equipped with short range machineguns. Cheap but weak, they are best used against enemy infantry and to a lesser extent; light vehicles (though it is not cost effective). Useless versus anything armoured.


Used by: House Harkonnen, House Ordos, House Atreides

Same attributes as a light infantry except this unit is armed with a powerful rocket launcher. Cheap and excellent at taking out light and heavy vehicles. Useless versus infantry.


Used by: House Harkonnen, House Ordos, House Atreides

Weaponless infantry, but far from useless. Engineers are used to capture enemy structures, simply by entering it. By capturing an enemy construction yard you gain access to their special buildings (most notably the palace).

Thumper Infantry

Used by: House Ordos, House Atreides

Weaponless infantry, comes equipped with a jack-hammer like apparatus. Called the "Thumper" due to the rhythmic "thumps" used to attract sandworms away from valuable units or a Harvester.

Special Units


Owner: Atreides

This unit was cloaked and equipped with a powerful rifle, it can outgun units, vehicles and buildings. strong at troops of 5 or more.


Owner: Emperor

Unlike Fremens, Sardaukars are the special units for the Emperor. It has more firepower as the Fremens have, it can outgun units, vehicles and buildings easily. when it is squished, it inflicts damage. harkonnen can also train them in multiplayer game when the 1.06 patch is downloaded. the sardukar trained by the harkonnen are weaker then the emperors.


Owner: Ordos

This Saboteurs are sneaky and stealthy, when its power is fully charge it can be cloaked when deployed in a short period of time. It can destroy a building instantly but can be detected in any gun and missile can destroy all can cloak for 10 seconds.


General Vehicles


Owner: Atreides and Harkonnen

Trikes are a cheap light vehicle, they are fast, agile and effective at taking out small groups of infantry. Trikes are capable of dealing with other light vehicles to some extent, but are next to useless at dealing with heavy vehicles.


Owner: all of the 3 houses

Quads are not as fast as the trike but they more than make up for it with their increased armour and twin rocket launchers. Quads are excellent at taking out enemy light vehicles and in sufficient numbers, quads can also cause damage to heavier vehicles. Quads are an excellent and very cost efficient unit to take out small numbers support tanks such as Siege tanks and Missile tanks.

Siege Tank

Owner: all of the 3 houses

Siege Tanks are a fierce threat to infantry, lightly armored vehicles and structures. Armed with a long range artillery piece firing high explosive shells they can cause a large amount of splash damage, even to friendly units. Powerful in defense and attack. Siege Tanks however are rather slow and have weak armor, Siege Tanks should be protected by more sturdier combat tanks. Can outrange gun turrets.

Missile Tank

Owner: all of the three houses (Ordos cannot build in the Heavy Factory but rather they can buy Missile tanks at the Starport)

Missile Tanks are an expensive but excellent support unit, armed with long range anti-armour missiles they can sit behind more heavily armoured vehicles and pound the enemy with potent missiles. Missile Tanks are best used when facing a significant amount of heavy armour such as Combat tanks however small numbers of Missile Tanks are well suited to taking out lighter vehicles as well. Missile tanks are very vulnerable without sufficient protection and are easily taken out by Quads and Troopers.


Owner: all of the 3 houses

Harvesters are the collectors of spice, it can carry a large amount of spice and deliver it to Refineries so they can convert the spice in to usable credits. Slow but wel armoured, it can crush harassing infantry but is vulnerable to vehicle attacks. Harvesters benefit greatly from Carryalls due to the slow speed of the Harvester. Carryalls will automatically transport Harvesters to spice fields and back to refineries.


Owners: all of the 3 houses

The MCV is basically a construction yard packed up in to a vehicle. It is heavily armoured and slow. Despite it's heavy armour the MCV has no weapons of its own and thus is vulnerable to any attacking unit. Any damage taken on the MCV will be applied to the construction yard that will be deployed when the MCV is used.

Special Vehicles

Combat Tank

Combat Tanks are the core front line units on Dune. Heavily armed and armoured, Combat Tanks are capable of destroying most vehicles and structres with their high caliber guns while being able to crush infantry beneath their treads. Combat Tanks are most effective when backed up with anti infantry units such as Trikes and Siege Tanks. When attacking concentrations of enemy armor use your Comabt Tanks to draw enemy fire while your Quads and Missile Tanks destroy the threat. A combination of Combat and Missile Tanks are one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to deal with large amounts of enemy armour.

Atreides Combat Tank

Atreides Combat Tanks are balanced in terms in armor and speed among the Combat Tanks of the 3 houses.

Harkonnen Combat Tank

Harkonnen Combat Tanks are slow but have the best armor among the Combat Tanks of the 3 houses.

Ordos Combat Tank

Ordos Combat Tanks are fast but have a weakest armor among the Combat Tanks of the 3 houses.


Raiders are a superior variant of the Trike, the Raider is faster, has more armour and has bigger guns than the trike. Regardless the Raider is vulnerable to the same units as the trike and should be used only for scouting and dispatching enemy infantry.

Deviator Tank

Deviator Tanks are only built by Ordos in their Heavy Factories. Fires rockets that scatter a cloud of silicon; any vehicle caught at the time the rocket exploded will be temporarily put under control to the player controlling the Deviator. The Deviator is expensive and weak thus proper support is needed when using Deviators. Deviators can not damage enemy Infantry with their weapons and thus are vulnerable to Troopers. Deviators shine in small scale battles where the difference between victory and defeat can rest upon one unit. They are useful for target firing more powerful tanks such as Devastators or Sonic tanks.

Sonic Tank

Sonic Tanks can be built by Atreides Heavy Factories only. Equipped with a powerful Sonic Gun they can cause splash damage in a linear line to any unit it faces. Sonic tanks rival siege tanks as anti-infantry as Sonic tanks can quickly lay waste to low health, cheap and numerous units (such as Infantry) however Sonic Tanks are still effective against more armoured targets however they can cause friendly fire splash damage so proper positioning of Sonic Tanks is advised to avoid friendly losses.

Devastator Tank

Devastator Tanks are only built by Harkonnen. Equipped with dual plasma cannons and extremely thick armour, the Devastator is ideally used as a spearhead tank with its heavy armour and powerful weapons. Despite it's fearsome reputation the Devastator is not without its weaknesses as it is expensive, slow and vulnerable to Deviators, Missile Tanks and Troopers behind walls or on ground which tanks can not drive on top. Devastators can self-destruct causing a large amount of damage in a wide area at the cost of the unit itself. The explosion will take some time to happen thus this ability should be avoided unless you have devastators to spare.


General Aircrafts


It transports any vehicle in the field, it can only carry 1 vehicle at a time. It is built from High Tech Factory.can be destroyed by AA weapons.Does not count in the forces that you must destroy  .

Starport/Delivery Aircraft

It delivers your ordered vehicles from the Starport menu and drops it in the Starport. It cannot be killed.

Special Aircrafts


The Ornithopther is a fixed-wing combat aircraft only available to the Atreides. Accessible after upgrading the Atreides High Tech Factory. They fly in a small group of 3's and drops a spinning barrel-shaped bomb called a parabomb at the area selected by the player who owns the ornithopters.(This unit is used by clicking on the "Airstrike" icon that will appear on the units build list, then clicking on a spot on the battlefield to be attacked by the Ornithopters) . Can be destroyed by AA weapons.


Death hand missile

The Death Hand missile is a nuclear bomb that is only available to the Harkonnen, accessible after building the Harkonnen palace.

It's target is chosen by a red circle with a skull in the center and a black border. When the target is chosen it travels off the screen and drops on the designated target in a firestorm of atomic explosions. The enemy will have been notified when a Death Hand has been launched. The Death Hand is best used against clusters of important buildings such as Wind Traps or Turrets. The main drawback of the Death Hand is it's disappointingly low accuracy so aiming for large clustered areas where accuracy is least important is advise

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