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Uno is a card game for a variable number of players. When starting, everybody is given seven cards. Each card is given both a number and a color, with the exception of wild cards.

Play proceeds in order. During their turn, each player must either play a card or draw; a played card must either match the color or value of the card already in play. If the player cannot play after drawing a card, he must skip the turn.

Some special cards include:

  • Reverse, which changes the order of play.
  • Skip, which causes the next player in line to skip a turn
  • Draw Two, which causes the next player to skip a turn and draw two cards.
  • Wild, which can be played at any time.
  • Wild Draw 4, which can only be played if you have no cards of the same color at the top of the discard pile. It causes the next person in line to draw four cards, and skip their turn.

Some cards are wild. With those cards, you can force people to do things that they don't want. For example, you could make someone draw more cards when the object of the game is to get rid of your cards. Another thing you are allowed to is change the turn cycle for example if there are 3 people playing and the turn cycle was chris, tony, and then diego and someone puts down the wild card that makes you switch the turn cycle.

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