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In-Game Awards


Awarded for making a specific number of kills without dying through the match.

  1. Killing Spree: 5 kills.
  2. Dominating: 10 kills.
  3. Rampage: 15 kills.
  4. Unstoppable: 20 kills.
  5. Godlike: 25 kills.
  6. Massacre: 30 kills or more.


Awarded for making a specified amount of kills within a short time period.

  1. Double Kill: 2 kills.
  2. Multi Kill: 3 kills.
  3. Mega Kill: 4 kills.
  4. Ultra Kill: 5 kills.
  5. Monster Kill: 6 kills or more.

Weapon Awards

Awarded for getting the amount of kills with the said weapon.

  • Jack Hammer: 15 kills with Impact Hammer.
  • Gun Slinger: 15 kills with Enforcer.
  • Bio hazard: 15 kills with Bio-Rifle.
  • Combo king: 15 kills with the Shock Rifle's combo.
  • Shaft Master: 15 kills with Link Gun's alt fire.
  • Blue Streak: 15 kills with Stinger Minigun.
  • Flak Master: 15 kills with Flak Cannon.
  • Rocket Scientist: 15 kills with Rocket Launcher.
  • Head Hunter: 15 Headshots with the Sniper Rifle.
  • Big Game Hunter: 15 kills with the Longbow AVRiL.

Other Awards

  1. Eagle Eye: Shooting a flying (not hovering) vehicle with the Goliath, or shoot a speeding Scorpion.
  2. Bullseye: Killing an enemy with the kamikaze feature of the Scorpion.
  3. Pancake: landing on top of an enemy with the Manta.
  4. Road Rampage: Running over 15 people with a vehicle.
  5. Juggernaut: Have Berserk and Double Damage at the same time
  6. First Blood: Be the first to make a kill in a match.
  7. Hat Trick: 3 successful flag captures.

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