TW Call for transport
Call for Transport
Calls in an aircraft to transport the selected unit. Player can control the transport until the unit is dropped off. whereupon the transport leaves and can no longer be selected.

TW Digin
Dig in
GDI Rifle squads can dig foxholes into the ground, which can then be garrisoned by infantry.

TW mine drop
Mine Drop
GDI's APCs have the ability to lay mines on the ground at a cost.


TW sensor pod
Sensor Pods
Allows the Orca fighter to launch a sensor pod that reveals terrain around itself and also detects stealth. Can be shot onto units and structures as well as just plain terrain.

KW hardpoint
Hardpoints (Kane's Wrath)
Lets GDI aircraft carry more ammunition. Not available to the ZOCOM faction since they have Ceramic Armor instead.

TW stratofighter
Allows the Firehawk to fly up into the stratosphere and quickly arrive at any point on the map, letting it bypass even anti-air defenses.

TW cereamic armor
Ceramic Armor (Kane's Wrath)
ZOCOM-only upgrade that gives all GDI air units increased armor, HP and hit point.

KW apbullets
AP Bullets (Kane's Wrath)
Increases damage of Rifle squads, APCs, Hammerheads, and the Watchtower defense structure.

KW adaptive armor
Adaptive Armor (Kane's Wrath)
Only for Steel Talons and available for purchase at the Tech Center. It allows Titans and Mammoth Tanks to toggle on Adaptive Armor, which allows for increased armor and EMP immunity while it is on. Adaptive armor slows down rate of fire while it is turned on.

TW morters
Upgrades Pitbulls with long range mortars that are very effective against stationary targets on the ground.

TW power upgrade
Advanced Turbines
Doubles a Power Plant's power-producing capacity.

TW railguns
Gives all Predators/Titans, Mammoth Tanks, and the Battle Base railguns. The Guardian Cannon on Steel Talons also gets upgraded to railguns.

TW composite armor
Composite Armor
An upgrade that improves armor and HP of all the basic GDI infantry.

TW field suits
Field Suits (Kane's Wrath)
A ZOCOM-only upgrade that improves armor and HP of all the basic GDI infantry, as well as renders them immune to Tiberium radiation damage.

TW tungstenshell
Tungsten Shells
Gives increased firepower to the Slingshot and the AA defense batteries.

TW empgrenade
EMP grenades (Kane's Wrath)
Upgrades grenadiers to be able to use EMP grenades. Not available for Steel Talons faction

TW sensor packs
Sensor Packs
Increases sight and attack range for Zone Troopers/Raiders.

TW power pacs
Power Packs
Increases HP and self heals Zone Troopers/Raiders while they are idle.

Support powers

TW radar scan
Radar Scan
Target a shrouded area to reveal all the stuff around there including stealth units.

TW bloodhounds
Drops two Pitbulls and two APCs at one veterancy level. In Kane's Wrath, Steel Talons get Wolverines to replace the APCs.

TW orca strike
Orca Strike
Sends four Orcas to bombard the targeted area. Effective against ground units and structures.

TW snipers
Sends two squads of snipers to the designated location.

TW paratroopers
GDI Airborne
Sends two squads of Rocket soldiers and Rifle squads at a single veterancy level to the designated location.

TW shockwave artillery
Shockwave Artillery
Shoots EMP and artillery shells that damage units, and damages buildings a little. Shuts down buildings and vehicles within its radius.
TW spaceguys
Drop Pods
Drops down three squads of Zone Troopers or (zone raiders if zocom) in an armored drop pod.

KW sonic repulsion
Sonic Repulsion Field (Kane's Wrath)
Sets up walls around a building that keep away engineers and keeps building safe from planted explosives.

KW supersonic
Supersonic Air Attack (Kane's Wrath)
Sends supersonic fighters to damage any aircraft within the radius.

KW railgun accelerator
Railgun Accererator (Kane's Wrath)
Steel Talons only. Makes all railgun firing units and the Battle Base get an increased rate of fire for railguns, but slowly damages all units in the radius as well for a short period of time.

KW orbital strike
Orbital Strike (Kane's Wrath)
Sends orbital slugs striking the ground, causing damage to buildings and ground units close by to the slugs.

TW ion cannon
Ion Cannon
GDI's main superweapon, it can knock out most buildings and units in its radius.



TW transport call
Call for Transport
Sends an aircraft to pick up the unit. The aircraft is then under the player's control and when the unit is dropped off, the aircraft will leave.


TW tiberium core
Liquid Tiberium core
Doubles power output of the upgraded power plant.

KW cloak ball
Disruption Pods(Kane's Wrath)
Vertigos can be upgraded with this ability to drop a pod that stealths units within its radius. Pods can also be dropped on units and structures like on any other part of the land.

TW multiply radar
Signature Generator
An upgrade on the Venom aircraft to make them look like a bigger mass of units than just one single unit on the radar minimap.

TW infusion
Tiberium Infusion
Allows militants and rocket soldiers to get Tiberium immunity and walk faster.

TW Confessor
Adds a Confessor infantry to the Militant and Rocket squads. He is armed with a machine gun and hallucinogenic grenades, and increases the fighting ability of the squad. This is not available to the Black Hand faction, nor the Marked of Kane faction.

KW Black disciple
Black Disciples (Black Hand)
Adds a Blackhand flamethrower to the Confessor Cabal and Militant Rocket squads.

KW Blue fire
Purifying flames (Black Hand)
Upgrades all flame-based weapon to blue flames, which deal a lot more damage.

TW nod dosers
Dozer Blades
An upgrade on Scorpion Tanks and Reckoners that allows the tank to crush heavier infantry such as the Zone Troopers and clear mines, as well as crush Disintegrators without suffering from explosive damage.

KW nod guns
Quad Turrets(Kane's Wrath)
Only available on Kane's Wrath and upgradable at the Operations Center, this upgrade will give all hub defenses a fourth turret that comes right out of the defense hub itself.

TW EMP coil
EMP Coils
Allows for Raider Buggies to use an EMP ability, which will temporarily disable all enemy vehicles and structures in range as well as the Buggy itself.

KW Tiberium core rockets
Tiberium Core Missiles (Kane's Wrath)
Upgrade in Kane's Wrath that improves the damage of all rockets. This includes Stealth Tanks, Mantis, and the anti-air defenses.

TW Lasers
Laser Capacitors
Gives Venom aircraft and Scorpion tanks a laser weapon instead of the old gun or tank shell.

KW green laser charger
Charged Particle Beams (Black Hand)
Confessor Cabals and Shredder Turrets get upgraded with a laser weapon.

KW Super Lasers
Supercharged Particle Beams (Marked of Kane)
Almost same as the Black Hand's Charged Particle Beams upgrade, but stronger, and affects The Enlightened instead of squads of Confessors, and also affects the Venom aircraft.

KW Cyborg legs
Cybernetic Legs (Marked of Kane)
Saboteur, Tiberium Troopers, and The Enlightened will get a speed upgrade.

Support Powers

TW nod clone
Decoy Army
Makes a fake "copy" of all allied units within the radius targeted. These decoys can only sustain very little damage and also deal very little damage, and in rare cases kill an enemy squad. Mainly used for diversions on one side of an enemy's base, while the real threat attacks the other side. Can also be used for making it look like there are more units defending your base, making your opponent usually think twice.

TW nod radar jam
Radar Jamming Missile
Sends a missile that disrupts all enemy radar for 10 seconds.

KW Fencing
Laser Fencing (Kane's Wrath)
Keeps structures protected from engineers and planted explosives.

TW nod stealth
Cloak Field
Cloaks all units within the radius of effect. Also does damage to infantry.

KW Power search
Power Signature Scan (Kane's Wrath)
Reveals all Power Plants on the map. Available to the Black Hand faction only.

KW Fake temple
Decoy Temple (Kane's Wrath)
Creates a Temple of Nod that looks real and counts down. Black Hand faction only.

TW shadow strike
Shadow Strike Team
Sends two squads of Shadow Team infantry to the selected area. They arrive flying in from one side of the map.

KW Redemption
Redemption(Kane's Wrath)
Any Militants that die within the area of effect during the duration of this ability will be resurrected as an Awakened unit. This is not available to the Marked of Kane faction as they cannot produce Militants in the first place.

TW Mines
Mine Drop
Sends in an aircraft to drop mines on the field that are stealthed, and explode when enemies walk on them.

KW Magnet mines
Magnetic Mine Drop (Marked of Kane)
Drops mines that latch onto vehicles and damages them over time.

TW Catalyst
Catalyst Missile
Fires a missile that rapidly increases the rate of Tiberium growth, causing damage to all Tiberium-based units and structures. Can destroy refineries instantaneously.

TW seed Tiberium
Seed Tiberium
An aircraft flies in and drops a bomb spraying the selected area with liquid Tiberium to make a small patch of Tiberium.

TW Gas bomb
Tiberium Vapor Bomb
Dangerously explosive ability. A bomber flies in and drops some parts, a few of which spray Tiberium vapor all over and a detonator to light it all up. Damages anything below on the ground.

TW Veins
Tiberium Vein Detonation
Only in Kane's Wrath. When this is used on a Tiberium field, the Tiberium is agitated, causing it to explode and liquid Tiberium shoots out of the ground, damaging anything in or right around the Tiberium field until it stops.

TW Nuke
Nuclear Missile
The main superweapon of Nod, the nuke destroys almost all buildings in its radius, and all units (except several, like the Epic units). It is slightly more useful than the other superweapons because the damage is almost instant, so structures can not be sold and units cannot be moved.


Fusion Core
Doubles power ouput for Scrin powerplants.

Blink Packs
Allows Shock Troopers to teleport short distances across the battlefield.

Plasma Disc Launchers
Upgrades Shock Troopers to fire Plasma Discs, which does more damage and allows the Shock Trooper to attack aircraft.

Forcefield Generators

Blue Shards(Reaper 17)

Conversion Reserves(Reaper 17)

Advance Articulators (Traveler 59)

Traveler Engines (Traveler 59)
Increases speed of Planetary Assault Carriers and Devestator Warships.

Shard Launcher

Super weapons

The Swarm

Tiberium Vibration Scan

Ichor Seed


Lightning Spike

Stasis Shield

Phase Field

Worm Hole

Shock Pods (Reaper 17)

Temporal Worm Hole (Traveler 59)

Overlord's Wrath


Rift Generator

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