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October 31, 2012

 My InfoEdit

Hello i'm Callofduty5 or COD5 and i live in India.I love Call of Duty,IGI,Max Payne and other shoting games like Navy Seals.I love shows like My Little Pony,Comedy Central and other animated shows.I am a student and i am 13 years old.I am aslo a native speaker of English so talk freely in English with me.I've played games like Prince of Persia,Call of Duty,IGI,Navy Seals,Power Rangers,Harry Potter,Max Payne and many other.

My QuotesEdit

I see edits!! not the behaviour" -CallofDuty5

What?Where?Why?Who -CallofDuty5

"We fight for freedom" Nah"We fight for Edits!" -CallofDuty5

"Give me blood i will give you freedom" -Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

"Give me templates i will give you edits" -CallofDuty5

"'''''Give me pages a i will give u great articles"-CallofDuty5

"The Thing Which has created itself will aslo destroy itself" -CallofDuty5

My created pages,templates and categoriesEdit

  1. Pokemon Ranger:Guardian Signs .

My Projects hereEdit

  • Creation of Red link pages.
  • Adding Images.
  • News of New Games..
  • Categorization.
  • Clean-Ups.
  • Stubs completion.

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