We at the Wikia Gaming Team would like to propose launching a general gaming news blog right here at We think that with the help of the active Wikia Gaming community, we can eventually compete with established gaming news sites (IGN, GameSpot, Joystiq, etc).

At wikis such as Fallout, Dragon Age, and Red Dead, blogs have proven to be a great way to post news about games and allow for fans to comment, just like at traditional gaming news sites. We think creating a general gaming news blog to cover all games is the logical next step.


Since even at the successful news blog wikis, hardly anyone other than admins knows that a blog post has to be added to the News category to show up on the News blog, the wikis have a sidebar menu option to Submit News, which is linked to Special:CreateBlogPage. Because admins can edit any blog post, the moderation of news is handled by admins simply deciding whether or not to add it to the News category. In the case where a post shows up on the News blog that doesn't belong, an admin can simply remove it from the News category. At least initially, the Wikia Gaming Team will gladly help with posting and moderating the news if needed. Of course any regular users will simply be able to add news to the appropriate categories themselves.


Ideally, we would also "tag" blog posts by game name using [[Category:Red Dead Redemption news]] for example, which is already working perfectly at the Fallout Wiki (on the sidebar - hover over News > Game news > and you can read all news blogs about any game in the series). All gaming news sites do this, such as this post at Joystiq. At the end of the article, there is a list of links next to Tags. Clicking on the Red-Dead-Redemption tag brings up a list of all articles related to the game.

Crawl before you can walk

Obviously getting this to a level where it's comparable to a gaming news site won't happen overnight, but if it's handled the same way it was at the wikis previously mentioned, then we are confident that, with time and plenty of promotion, we would have a good gaming news system that gives people a single place to get all the info they want about the games they love without having to leave Wikia to get it, while encouraging users to contribute news of their own.


If you have any questions or further ideas, please post them here, in the comments. Any ideas that will help make Wikia Gaming the place to go for gaming info will be very helpful.

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