• I live in SF Bay Area
  • My occupation is Front-End Engineer
  • BladeBronson

    The last gaming system I owned was a Super Nintendo back in the day. I sold the Super Nintendo to buy a Peavey Predator guitar, thus selling "Gaming Christian" for "Rocker Christian". A few years later, I sold my Sovtek guitar amp and Peavey 2x12 cabinet to buy a 9 GB ultra wide SCSI hard drive, thus selling "Rocker Christian" for "Nerd Christian". After 10 years or so, I now own a PlayStation 3.

    It started when I was trying to decide if the time was right to buy an HDTV. My friend and co-worker, Kyle, is quite the gadget guy, so I hit him up for advice. It didn't take long to convince me which TV was right, but the Blu-Ray player was a bit trickier. Clearly, the PS3 is a much more capable device than a standalone Blu-Ray player, but I was …

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