Agents of Change
Whatever your opinion may be of the game, Bethesda's shooter Brink now boasts it's very first DLC pack.

Agents of Change includes two new maps (Labs and Founders' Tower), two new outfits, two new weapon attachments (Bayonet and Weapon Shield), and five new abilities (Tactical Scanner for Universal, Napalm Grenades for Soldier, Field Regen Unit for Medic, Pyro Mine for Engineer, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Operative). The game is free for the first two weeks of it's release (it was released on the 5th of August) -- and after that a charge of $10 will be employed.

While the DLC may not be worth $10, it's almost surely worth download for free for anyone who enjoyed Brink, or just want some more good old gunfights while jumping around acrobatically.

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