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  • Cocohuang

    Recently, Japan-based Gamepot held a press conference in Tokyo and announced its browser-based MMORPG2032 Diver Cityco-developed by Chunsoft.

    It is the first time that Gamepot has joined forces with Chunsoft to develop a game, which has aroused the attention of players. Chunsoft is a developer specializing in dungeon console games and well-known for its Mysterious Dungeon series.

    Centering on the three keywords "Dig", "Deep and Wide Dungeon" and "Browser-based MMORPG", the game is made into an adventurous dungeon MMORPG.

    Up until now, the game has entered its OBT and is open to all registered players. It is not determined yet when the game will be commercially released, but it is expected in mid-September.

    The three keywords of 2032 Diver City…

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  • Cocohuang

    In Sword Girls, the Dungeon mode provides challenges suitable for new and experienced players alike. There are a few starter dungeons, as well as special dungeons that will award players with special crafting materials. Each of these dungeons is classified as an Easy Dungeon, Normal Dungeon or Hard Dungeon. Tougher dungeons provide better rewards, but you will encounter tougher Characters with more powerful Decks. Once in a Dungeon, you will face off against unique enemy Characters, one after another. As you defeat them, you will receive special Ores that can be used to craft cards. To craft more cards, you will want to take on the Dungeons for all they are worth.

    A boss will appear after enough Dungeon levels are cleared. Boss characters a…

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  • Cocohuang

    Game publishing companyElectronic Arts’ newest social game, The Sims Social, has passed social gaming supergiantZynga’s Farmville and now has 36 million monthly active users just under a month after its launch, according to AppData.

    The Sims Social has held the top spot as the fastest growing application on Facebook for more than a week. The game picked up more than 1.7 million new users on Sunday, and picked up a total of about 8.3 million new users last week. It’s seen enough growth to knock off FarmVille and become the fourth most popular social game on Facebook, behindZynga’s own Empires & Allies, Cityville and Texas HoldEm Poker. Zynga’s Farmville now has 35.7 million monthly active users.

    lectronic Arts is now the second top Facebook a…

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  • Cocohuang

    DDTank Review

    September 8, 2011 by Cocohuang

    If you've ever played a game in the Worms series you'll know what to expect from DDTank(though without the zanier weaponry and level of depth). DDTank is a turn-based tactical shooter (I guess that would be a semi-accurate description) where you fight opponents with everything from firecrackers to television sets, and where the greatest challenge comes from how well you know your geometry. It's quirky fun at first, but it doesn't take long until the game dovetails into repetition and boredom.


    The core gameplay ofDDTank, which actually doesn't include tanks (strange I know), is all about killing your opponents before they kill you. Attacking someone isn't as easy as pointing at someone and saying, "There...attack them," but instead you must…

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  • Cocohuang


    Today, we'll be looking at the Vita Public School, the first of four factions in the anime-style online card game, Sword Girls. The Vita Public School is just like any other in the world of Sword Girls. It's a place for students to learn, socialize, cast spells, and get into sword fights. Oh, and a bunch of students also happen to be part-time monster hunters. It's a good way to practice magic, a skill that more employers are demanding from new graduates, but it's not a bad way to earn some cash on the side.

    Unknown Girl Sita Vilosa

    > Sita Vilosa is the main character of Sword Girls, a regular girl with a special talent thrust int…

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