Recently, Japan-based Gamepot held a press conference in Tokyo and announced its browser-based MMORPG2032 Diver Cityco-developed by Chunsoft.

It is the first time that Gamepot has joined forces with Chunsoft to develop a game, which has aroused



the attention of players. Chunsoft is a developer specializing in dungeon console games and well-known for its Mysterious Dungeon series.

Centering on the three keywords "Dig", "Deep and Wide Dungeon" and "Browser-based MMORPG", the game is made into an adventurous dungeon MMORPG.

Up until now, the game has entered its OBT and is open to all registered players. It is not determined yet when the game will be commercially released, but it is expected in mid-September.

The three keywords of 2032 Diver City:


Dungeons are packed with treasures and bosses. In 2032 Diver City, players are free to dig out things and pick up shovels, electronic



drills and hammers to open up their own routes. These tools can also be used as weapons. Generally, weapons are fit for fighting or digging.

Walls of different colors can be found in the dungeon. Shatter the wall to get colorful ores that can recover HP, restore Battery or bring extra effects. Meanwhile, when walls of different colors are smashed, clods will be produced. Use hammer rams at that time, various extra effects for HP recovery and damage bonus will be generated from the place where clods exist. Such settings must be familiar to those who have once played the Mysterious Dungeon series.

Deep and Wide Dungeon

Dungeons will change randomly every time players set foot in. The item quantity and level will reduce to 0



if players die on the way, which is the same in the Mysterious Dungeon series. As described above, dungeons are deep and perilous. Currently, 3 dungeons with different rules have been added. Going deeper into the dungeon, players will meet stronger enemies. More powerful weapons will appear, as well. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a right route.

Browser-based MMORPG



As a MMORPG, 2032 Diver City requires cooperation for sure. In the depth of the dungeon, players can join hands with others. For example, one player can be responsible for drawing the enemy's attention, others can be in charge of researching escape routes, digging up routes of retreat or using items to help fight against the enemy. Such interactive elements are certainly included in this MMORPG. Besides, as a browser game, 2032 Diver City takes developers much energy to produce gameplay in order to expand the user group and attract more users of different ages. In the future, the game will be able to run on smartphones, for its ultimate goal is to allow players to enjoy the dungeon exploration anytime, anywhere.

If you are interested in 2032 Diver City, or fond of the Mysterious Dungeon series, don't miss it out! Sign up on the game's official site and partake in the OBT with Japanese players.


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