If you've ever played a game in the Worms series you'll know what to expect from DDTank(though without the zanier weaponry and level of depth). DDTank is a turn-based tactical


shooter (I guess that would be a semi-accurate description) where you fight opponents with everything from firecrackers to television sets, and where the greatest challenge comes from how well you know your geometry. It's quirky fun at first, but it doesn't take long until the game dovetails into repetition and boredom.


The core gameplay ofDDTank, which actually doesn't include tanks (strange I know), is all about killing your opponents before they kill you. Attacking someone isn't as easy as pointing at



someone and saying, "There...attack them," but instead you must use basic geometry in order to land your attacks. I was never the greatest at math, so I'm always amazed when I play against someone who can seemingly land every shot, while for me it takes several attempts before I can dial it in on a stationary opponent.

Attacking is primarily based on three principles: 1) the angle of your throw, 2) how much power you put behind it, and 3) the direction and speed of the wind. So in order to actually hit your opponent, you have to use some brains, take an educated guess, and then hope for the best.


The system is solid enough, but there are issues that mire the experience. One problem is that you only have so long to plan to actually make your move, which isn't much time at all, so while you're trying to think of how best to use your variables and how much power to give a throw, a timer is quickly counting down. Now sometimes you won't get an attack off quick enough and it will be your fault for not moving fast enough, but there are other times where you'll have plenty of time and still it will react as if you ran out of time. In a game where every shot and move is important, one error such as this is enough to completely wreck your chances of winning.

Another problem is that it's impossible to know the order in which someone will move, so you



might be trying to kill someone many moves down from you when you really should be worrying about someone who moves next. Furthermore, there are times where it seems that it takes forever for you to get a move, but it seems like there's another player moving almost every other turn. Finally, you can chat and use funny emoticons during the game, but it's not that easy to use them, as they can sometimes get in the way of actual gameplay. In one case, I sent a sarcastic "thanks" to a teammate of mine who threw an attack that ended up hitting me instead of the enemy (yes, you can hurt your own team or even yourself). I sent the message, but the chat system refused to leave, and suddenly I found myself losing a turn because I couldn't get it off in time to use an attack.


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