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Houston gaming expo October 8-9

For anyone who can make it into Houston on October 8-9, 2010, H. A. A. G.'s (Houston Area Arcade Group) annual gaming expo is happening! For $20 a day (or $15 if you pre-order a ticket) or $30 for a weekend pass (or $25 pre-pay), you'll have access to over 200 games all set on free play! And with many Multicade- and MAME-type machines, along with cartridges from several home consoles that are usually brought in as well, you're probably talking 300 or more games total!

Even though games range from the earliest pinball machines of the 1930s through the present, most video games are from the "classic" era, from the late 1970s through the 1980s.

There are also door prizes, a Donkey Kong machine as a grand prize, contests, game clinics and more!

There are only 39 games confirmed so far, but keep checking for updates to the game list!

Check for updates and directions and all!

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