The way I invision a new Kingdom Hearts sequel (or competitor) would be to bring out the most epic things I've seen in gaming and put them into one game. In one face or another, bringing out a huge behemoth of stone and sand to pretty much have the drop on the hero would make my skin chill like crazy.

I'm not talking about going from Action-Adventure-RPG to straight out Survival Horror though. I'm talking about the really cool kind of chill, like you've seen something new for once. Especially when it comes to a giant baddy like a golem, sort of being different compared to the Heartless and Nobodies running a muck.

Bigger is Better

Now, the enemies have been one of the biggest things on my mind. They really need to introduced big enemies and when I mean big, I mean HUGE.

Dragon's who kick ass

Even better, a fire breathing dragon (no, not the Sleeping Beauty dragon; talking more on the lines of Death Wing the Destroyer in this scenario) storming through the skies with it's shadowy wings. Causing terror in the lives one world.


First, let's take away the cartoony-anime look and do something different. Make it more different, there is no reason to go at a different style (even when it comes to being on a different world).

New but Experienced

Sora is gonna need a foil if they do this (which, they most likely won't). Another hero but with a different asthetic, pretty fun wouldn't it? Because Sora is like save the princess; this new guy would have an "24 year-old kick-ass human" motif or something like that, seeking for adventure and has experience in a realistic kind of fight (when unarmed, you improvise). Thus, an older character to fill that role.

More thoughts on the way.

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