Hello peeps, This DiscoDuck's producktions, and I am making the top 17 video game boxarts/covers. Lets Start!

  • 17.600full-game-party-cover 16. 32 15. Cover na ps2 large 14. Burnout-paradise-cover 13.1090340-operation flashpoint dragon rising super 13.Wwe-all-stars-20110124075504461-000 12.HeavyRainBoxArt thumb 11.Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii) 10. Mario-Power-Tennis 9. Portal 2 cover art 8. Halo 3 ODST Box Art 7. Resistance Fall of Man cover 6. 20100531192025!Ghost Recon Future Soldier Cover 5. Kh2 cover 4. MGS4boxartscr 002-large 3. Fahrenheit pc boxart is sooo cool 2. 600full-batman--arkham-city-cover 1. 282032 10150252931806359 6993196358 7727112 593461 n

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