Saints row 1
I was a little hesitant to play Saints row way back when it was actually cohecent and made sense, when i did pick it up at the urging of a friend I was praying please god don't let it be a San Andreas clone. Well thankfully i was 100 percent wrong It was fun and enjoyable as It's own experience rather than a GTA clone many dismissed it as (and still do) it had some great characters some great weapons (why no gold plated GDHC.50 SR2?) and a pretty good story. It was still about gangs obviously but that dosen't make it a San Andreas clone matter of fact in some cases you felt like a good guy clearing Stillwater of the corrupt and destructive gangs (when you weren't killing guys in hotdog suits).

SR2 was also a suprise I wasn't sure what to expect since (spoiler alert) i assumed the protagonist had been killed in the boat explosion (It's all clear) but I still had and to my suprise (okay I lied i thought it might suck) it delivered and then some, the first seemed a little more serious than the second, but the second somehow managed to be funny and light hearted but also sombre and occasionally (especially with the Britherhood) bittersweet. The only problems i have with it was the bugs that i could get past, and the Protagonist seemed like a prick most of the time for the sake of being a prick (the main example i can think of being the Julius mission) but despite this I honestly preffered it to the original.
Saints row 2

And then came the third...

This Is pretty hard to talk about as i love the series so much, now don't get me wrong it's not a bad installment but it's more like an un-graceful one, they belived that SR2's biggest selling point was the over the top'ness of it (is that a word?) when, yes that was a fun part of it, it's not all we enjoyed (at least it wasn't for me) and if your going to make it over the top as possible why force people to play the activities and get rid of the best ones (septic avenger, bodyguard etc.) again i don't think this is a bad game it just missed the mark
Saints row three

If you'd like me to do a more in deph look on why Saints row three could've been game of the year but wasn't feel free to let me know. Share your thoughts and best moments of Saints row in the comments

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