If you have never heard of Dragonball by now, there's seriously something wrong with you >:D (just kidding!) Just updating on the latest happening around the world of Dragonball (aside from the Nintendo Wii's DBZ Burst Limit release): a live-action movie is coming up soon this year, entitled 'Dragonball Evolution' starring Justin Chatwin (War of the World) as the Son Goku, the movie's main protagonist. Recently showed around the end of last year is a new Dragonball Z anime release from the mangaka himself, Akira Toriyama, and it was for the 40th Shonen JUMP anniversary (the magazine where the manga was published). And the latest news: I just got myself a Dragonball Origin (DBO) made for the Nintendo DS ^___^

To be brief, the story starts way back when Dragonball was first published -- all the way back where the manga begins with Goku living alone with a Dragonball, and his encounter with Bulma, daughter of the Capsule Corporation founder, who is on a quest to find all the 7 Dragonballs. Goku then agrees to go on an adventure with Bulma to help with her quest, while fighting bad guys and making new friends along the way, eventually

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