• Gamerboy22

    Call of Duty 4

    March 22, 2009 by Gamerboy22

    Okay, so my first blog post will be about Call of Duty 4. A game I love tremendously. I beat it six times already. Okay so one thing I love to do on sites in a personal review. So here's my review.

    The story of the game is well crafted and well written. The game just looks so dang real it's amazing for a 2007 game. The voice acting is just beautifully done with so much enthusiasm and determination! (This is the first one I've done fore awhile so it may be a little choppy). The landscapes made are just awesome and beautiful. When the bodies fall it's not like a rag doll it's like the way a person would fall if shot or killed by an explosion or knife. And the music is just wonderful to listen too!


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