There are more than thirty Harvest Moon. Thirty! Since the release of the first game over ten years ago, the immensely popular farming series has never changed very much, and for good reason. The simple act of farming, meeting villagers, and raising a family is immensely satisfying. Amidst the non-stop carnage of the games industry, Harvest Moon has set itself apart as a calm, engaging, and welcoming tradition of a game.

I got a chance at E3 this year to check out Nastumi's latest: Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. Again, the formula remains largely the same. You will play a farmer new to a village and must build up your resources, growing crop, raising animals, and increasing the population of a small village. However, the latest game allows more customization than ever before. For the first time in the series, players can create there very own lead character, changing their skin color, hair styles, and clothing. Once the tailor comes to town, the player can customize their protagonist even further.

Additionally, everything in the game is easily relocated. No more trekking to a poorly placed well so far from your crops. Now you can simply pick up and move your water source, your crops, and even your own home and the homes of other villagers. With this level of mobility, your farm will become more unique and and far more easily manageable than in previous entries in the series. Perhaps most interestingly, players will also have access to a studio where they can create and upgrade tools, furniture, and more.

Harvest Moon has never strayed far from the norm, but they have never had to. The best parts of Harvest Moon return later this year with the North American launch of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning exclusively on the 3DS.

For more information on Harvest Moon: A New Beginning and the Harvest Moon franchise, be sure to visit the Harvest Moon wiki.

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