All the big names are at E3 2012 right now, but even the smaller studios are found here in Los Angeles, debuting some amazing new content and building buzz for their game's future release. I chatted with Charlie Cleveland and Hugh Jeremy of Unknown Worlds Entertainment to talk about the upcoming release of Natural Selection 2.

Like its predecessor, Natural Selection 2 combines the high-tense gunplay of horror-shooter and the mind-bending action of top-down strategy games. The game pits a team of marines and one marine commander against a team of aliens and an alien commander. The marines essentially play a normal shooter, pushing forward into the map, hunting alien enemies, while also acting at their commander's foot soldiers, building energy extractors, turrets, and various other buildings for the leader who watches the game from above with a top-down view of the action.

The alien commander plays a similar role as the marine commander, but her underlings have an entire different experience. Small alien "Skulks" zip around the map, climbing walls or ceilings and navigating ventilation shafts to leap out and chomp on marines and their structures. Fades literally blink and and out of battle, moving through the environment with amazing speed. Meanwhile, Gorges build upon and protect the hive while the thundering Onos charges into battle, goring all who stand in its way.

Unknown Worlds brings in several dramatic changes to the game with Natural Selection 2. A new specially built engine lights up the game like never before and dynamic lighting makes the terror of encountering aliens in the dark that much more thrilling. The team has also implemented numerous minute changes, from removing the Onos' ability to swallow opponents whole to adapting the way aliens earn and spend resources.

Of course anything is liable to change before launch. Unknown Worlds continues to refine the game's balance, and for good reason - the team is dedicated to bringing Natural Selection 2 to the eSports professional gaming circuit. In fact, the studio already features weekly competitions among fans participating in the beta. While Natural Selection 2 is a far cry from the first entry into the series, the game and its unique blend of the strategy and shooter genre feels as fresh as ever.

For more on Natural Selection 2, be sure to visit the Natural Selection Wiki.


Natural Selection 2 'Gorilla' Trailer03:02

Natural Selection 2 'Gorilla' Trailer

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