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The age-old sport requires keen eyesight and a steady hand to hit the target. Link, Wander, Alcatraz, Ashe, Lara Croft, Pit, Garrett, Kai Shinon, and Connor Kenway are facing off to see who has the sharpest vision and best accuracy.

And the medalists are...


From the start of this competition, everyone's favorite green adventure, Hyrule's very own Link, maintained a powerful lead over the others. Link finished the race with an astounding 1,376 votes in his favor.

While distant from Link, Connor Kenway, America's neighborhood assassin, clearly held his own with 590 votes.

The battle for bronze was far more heated. Ashe, Pit, and Garrett swapped positions time and again. But the with a frosty arrow from across the map, Ashe, the champion from the Field of Justice, secured the bronze for her team with 190 votes, just 8 in front of Garrett.

A thrilling competition. Thanks to all who voted. Be sure to check out the other events still being held!

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