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The fabled E3 is right around the corner and this year promises all sorts of new information surrounding the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and a slew of launch titles. Wikia will be there in person, checking out all the news and info we can get our hands on.

We want to bring you with us in any way we can, so let us know what you're interested in! Are you excited about a Watch Dogs or Call of Duty: Ghosts? Want to us to ask Activision or Ubisoft a question? Curious to know what how the latest consoles envision social features? What are you excited see at E3?

Send us your questions on anything and we will bring them to LA and do our best to return with answers!

And be sure to check back on for the week, as we'll be focusing the mainpage on all the news and information coming from the show. In fact, if you're paying attention to the events, hop in and leave your thoughts on blogs or create your own, just categorize them as "E3 2013" for the world to see! You can also find an up-to-date feed for E3 on Wikia's Video Game Hub, the new Next-Gen Launch Portal. Get read for for E3!

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