With the introduction of the latest handheld gaming consoles, PSV (PlayStation Vita) and Wii U, there is just one thing on everyone's minds - Where's the new Xbox console? Has Microsoft given up?

With the last modification Microsoft gave to the Xbox 360 was the motion sensing Kinect, a technology that the Nintendo had added to the Wii, were's the next console?

If there are any die-hard fans of Microsoft, I'd tell them not to worry, for the new Xbox 720 will be up and ready to go by late 2011 or early 2012! :D The release of the Xbox 720 will depend on the release of new CPU systems.

While Microsoft intended to create a handhelp console, which was created by Nintendo in the 1990s and by Sony, the PSP in 2004, it feels that handhelds have fallen out of fashion and are thus planning on the home consoles, which promotes more excitement.

More information regarding this "Xbox 720" will be revealed soon, whether Microsoft will surely create the 720 is unknown, as well as what extra features are added.


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