Following up with Sony's release with the Vita, we are happy to announce Sony is developing an updated model of the PS3, something which no industry has ever undertook - The Sony PlayStation 3D!

'Course, the hardware is nothing new, but it comes with a 24" Sony 3D Television and 3D Glasses and is capable of play PS3D games!

The dual-full-screen trick will only work with PlayStation 3 games specifically programmed to make use of the feature, and although none have been announced yet, we wouldn't be surprised if pack-in title Resistance 3 is compatible. Staff couldn't say if the games featured in the demo video, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Wipeout, would be updated to support this feature. While the demo units we saw performed their trick reasonably well, visible ghosting and flat, muted colors give us some reservations about that competitive $499 price tag.

More information will be revealed soon, so stay tuned, folks!


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