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  • KillHil

    What does the press think of Resident Evil Revelations? Most of the games media is loving the new 3DS Resident Evil. Check out our review roundup for more.

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  • KillHil

    In 2011, we returned to Aperture Science in Portal 2, finished what Lawrence of Arabia started in Uncharted 3, preserved Gotham’s sanity by donning Batman’s cape and cowl, flung more Angry Birds at underprivileged pigs, took to the court with basketball’s greatest legends in NBA 2K12, wielded the Infinity Blade again, and so much more. Wow, what a year for video games

    Narrowing such a great year to just five games wasn’t easy, but somehow I endured. These are my personal picks for the top five best video games of 2011. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to picking the best games; it’s just opinion. These are the games I loved most. Your list will likely differ -- and I hope you’ll offer your picks in the comments.

    Before you dive…

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