The saddest thing about the Olympics is that they can't last forever.

No, we're not talking about Michael Phelps or Gabby Douglas. Hello!! We're talking about Link and Connor Kenway, and Wikia Games' first annual Video Game Olympics .

Video game olympic results
We just finished tallying the results, and it's clear that our first-ever fictional Olympics involving the most athletic and popular video game characters was not only a lot of fun to schedule, but was also a lot of fun to participate in.

Across 15 different events, ranging from Taekwondo to the Long Jump to the Decathlon, Wikia members voted over 22,000 times and left almost 1,000 comments arguing for or against specific characters. That's a lot of action.

The big winner in terms of medal count was Connor Kenway , who took home two medals, and was the only competitor to win two gold medals. That's no small feat in the Video Game Olympics!

Sonic and Ezio both tied for second place in overall medal count with one gold and one silver each.

Surprisingly, Mario and Lara Croft both struggled. Popular with the fans, each only received a single bronze medal (Decathlon for Mario, Diving for Lara Croft) for their efforts.

Some other noteworthy um, notes:

  • The most popular event was Archery, which generated almost 3,000 votes. (Link was the undisputed winner.)
  • The most talked-about event was Fencing, with just over 100 comments in the debate.
  • The Equestrian even gets our "most contested" award. Emotions ran high here in a see-saw battle. Epona initially surged out front, but ever the workhorse, Shadowmere pulled away at the end. Tally ho, good show, and all that.

We're not big on pageantry here at Wikia Games - the action is what counts for us. But we're proud of all the competitors, most of whom conducted themselves with dignity and spirit during the Games.

For all the results, click here . As always, we're open to suggestions about the Video Game Olympics - please leave a comment here if you'd like.

We'll see you back in our virtual Olympic City in 2014 for the Winter Games!

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