The PS VITA Has What Now???

I owned a PSP when they were a big deal back in 2005. (it's still in my underwear drawer) I love PlayStation products(PS3), I just wasn't too excited to shell out 200+ dollars for another portable gaming device.Then my friend invited me to a special PS Vita event in San Francisco...


Location: Vita Hill Social Club, 1694 Union St., San Francisco, CA

That little gaming machine is intense! It has so many new features, it's probably going to be on my post Christmas wish list. The event I attended was called the "San Francisco PS Vita Meet-up". There was a line down the street -- gamers eagerly anticipating the moment they get to touch, and swipe the new PS Vita screen.
PlayStation Vita Hill Meet Up


  1. Touch screen that engages you with the game. They were using an Uncharted PS Vita title which allowed you to touch the screen to cut through tattered cloth in-game.
  2. Insane graphics - that rivaled the PS3.
  3. Gaming sensory camera with WiFi capability, that allows users to use their environment around them as a battle arena. (Anythging the camera can see)

In summation... I was wrong. (It's not the first time)

Grab a PS Vita when they come out next month and get your mobile table top fighter on!
The PlayStation Vita

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