February 15th Sunday, Australia, 10:08PM (I have school tomorrow and im tired, lol)

I have updated the character classes section, adding info on the knight, healer, rogue, sorcerer and mage classes. I also want to create individual pages for the classes, which would include weapon, armour and item tables, levelling guides, an F&Q on the class, basics of the class, and more. I play a Titan named lilwayyyne, no Im not a fan of the rapper (I hate rap) but the song A-Millie is catchy so I used that name. Im getting off-track (rambling), whoops :/

Anyway, I am also hoping to add some more to the existing pages, namely the front page which is...well, hopelessly stupid and bland. There are two text boxes and the wikia logo in the corner...not much of a website is it? I am going to edit that once I am bothered to, but first I have to get the info for the Titan weapons/armour/levelling guide/F&Q written up/etc/etc/etc. wow,I am going to kill myself doing this :P

Well, I hope that you all are concidering helping out with the wiki, if you play last chaos, and if you dont, why not give it a go? Its not as good as world of warcraft, but it is probably one of the better free mmorpg's out there to date :)



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